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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (10)

“The other driver is fine except for some scratches. You got serious injuries. Silly boy, you almost…”

Mrs. Shen burst into tears again; she took out a small handkerchief from her purse and wiped at her tears.

“Mom, don’t cry… I’m fine now…”

“Do you know how dangerous your condition was? When you were little, I always told you to cross the streets with caution and don’t get yourself hurt; after you grew up, I always told you to drive safe because your blood type is very rare… Do you know you have transfused 600 ccs of blood?”

“Whoa. 600. That’s a lot. It sounds serious.” Shen Mingxi smiled a little.

“How can you smile at that? If anything happens to you, how can your dad and I live…” Mrs. Shen was still fearful even though her son was well now.

When she first got the news, her legs had turned into jelly from fear. It was such a fright for her.

“I know. I’m sorry for making you and Dad worry about me.”

Since he broke up with Huo Yanyan, Shen Mingxi had moved back to the manor of the Shen Family and had thus improved his relationship with his parents.

In fact, Shen Mingxi had always had a good relationship with his parents; it had changed all because of Huo Yanyan.

He had always been an obedient and considerate son to his parents.

But everything changed because of Huo Yanyan.

Anyway, the parents would never hold a grudge against their son for long no matter how angry they had been.

Soon, Mr. and Mrs. Shen had forgiven their son and planned to move him back to the corporate headquarters.

However, they had only enjoyed a few days’ blisses with their son before the car crash happened.

“Mom… How long was I unconscious?” Shen Mingxi asked.

“For quite a few hours. From the accident until now, more than 10 hours have passed…”

“Good. I wasn’t out for days and nights.” Shen Mingxi smiled.

“How can you make fun of that? We were freaked out…”

“Mom, did anyone come to see me?” Shen Mingxi asked in a soft voice.


“Who?” he asked immediately.

“Su Yu, Tang Chuan, Sun Jiaqi, Jiang Daxin, and your other pals. They were almost all here. There were dozens of people in the corridor.”

“Mr. Su came, too?” Shen Mingxi was surprised.

“Yes. Su Yu was very helpful and kept making calls to find blood for you. It seems he’s a good friend of the deputy director of the South Side Rehabilitation Center, right?”

“Yeah, they are good friends.” Shen Mingxi knew the deputy director his mother mentioned must be Huo Mian.

“Well, unfortunately, South Side didn’t have the blood either, and I was so worried. We even put a big reward for the blood and hoped some people could come and donate blood for you. But you were in an urgent condition and it was midnight; no one could make it in time,” Mrs. Shen retold the whole thing slowly.

“Then how did I eventually get the blood?” Shen Mingxi asked.

“You’d never imagine who donated blood for you…” Mrs. Shen looked at her son with complicated emotions in her eyes.


“It was Ying.”

“Wei Ying?” Shen Mingxi was astonished.

“Yeah. Afraid that her blood wasn’t enough, she brought a friend who also has Rh-negative blood. They were enjoying the hot spring in another county when she heard about your accident. Ying raced all the way here by risking their lives. Most importantly, after they each donated 200 ccs of blood, you still needed more blood. The situation was very urgent; finally, Ying convinced the doctors to draw another 200 ccs of blood from her. After that, she passed out…”

Mrs. Shen said the words with a guilty expression on her face…

Shen Mingxi was unusually silent after she finished.

“Son, we did wrong with the Wei Family and Ying…” At last, Mrs. Shen said sincerely.



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