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(Dark Night Before Dawn (10)

“Miss Zhang, are you asleep?”

“Oh, oh…” Zhang Manlin’s mouth was covered, so she couldn’t speak. She shook her head anxiously.

“Alright, consider yourself lucky today. I will come back for you.” Saying this, Jack smiled evilly, opened the window, and using steel-wire rigs attached to his body, he jumped out from the sixth floor and slid down the wall.

He was as stealthy as a cat.

“Help me!” After Jack left, Zhang Manlin finally came back to her senses and called out.

As soon as the person outside the door heard this, he immediately barged in.

It turned out to be the young security guard, Zhang Shubao, the first man to sleep with Zhang Manlin.

Once he found out that Zhang Manlin was staying at the hospital, he kept wanting to come and see her, but recently he was always on duty.

It was by chance that he was able to finish work early that day, and it was still midnight. He couldn’t sleep, after thinking about it for a while, he decided to buy some fruit and take a quick look.

If Zhang Manlin was asleep, he would leave the fruit by the door and go. He just didn’t expect…

… That he would, in fact, save Zhang Manlin’s life.

“Miss Zhang, what’s wrong?” Zhang Shubao entered and looked down at Zhang Manlin, who was scared silly.

“Quick… help me call the police. Someone wants to kill me.”

“Who wants to kill you? Take your time and explain.”

“Huo Siqian. Huo Siqian wants to kill me. Quick, help me call the police. I want to call the police…”

Zhang Manlin grabbed onto his shirt collar and shook him desperately like an insane person, insisting that he call the police.

“Okay, okay. Try to stay calm, I’ll call the police for you.”

Zhang Shubao didn’t dare to say anymore. He picked up his cell phone and dialed 110.

The police were also very efficient, and in less than ten minutes, two officers came from the closest police station.

“Who called the police just now?” one of the officers asked.

“It was me, I did.” Zhang Manlin was underneath a quilt from the hospital. Her hair was disheveled, and the gauze on her face had not been removed.

“What’s the matter?” The police took out a pen and got ready to make a report.

“Officer, someone wants to kill me. Please hurry up and catch him, he nearly smothered me to death,” Zhang Manlin said frantically.

“First, just calm down We will need to get your personal information. Please tell us your name, age, residential address, and occupation.”

“Miss Zhang, don’t worry. Just calmly tell everything to the police.”

“That right, officer, I also want to report this man. He raped me in a cellar. He raped me three times ….” Not knowing what was wrong with her brain, Zhang Manlin kept pointing directly at Zhang Shubao.

“I…” Zhang Shubao did not think that Zhang Manlin would turn against him like that, so he was speechless.

The two policemen all looked at each other, confused.

“What is the relationship between you two? It’s so late, why are you here?” the police asked Zhang Shubao.

“We are… friends. We both work at the GK Corporation. Miss Zhang was recently hospitalized. I just came to see her after my night shift.”

“I don’t know you, you’re lying. You raped me. You’re evil, you bastard.”

After that, Zhang Manlin grabbed one of the policeman’s arms and said hysterically, “Officer, someone just sneaked into my ward and tried to kill me.”

“Don’t panic, talk slowly. Who wants to kill you?”

“Huo Siqian, it’s Huo Siqian for sure.”

“Huo Siqian? Which Huo Siqian?” The police officer was a little stunned.

“He is a well-known public figure. You don’t know who Huo Siqian is?” Zhang Manlin asked.

“You’re not talking about the boss of the Huo Corporation, are you?” one of the officers asked.

“Isn’t President Huo also the Mayor Yan’s son-in-law? He is getting married soon… the wedding is in a few days. Are you bullshitting me?” The other policeman stared at Zhang Manlin incredulously. He thought that the woman must be crazy.

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