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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (9)

“Huo Yanyan, don’t take what other people say about you to heart.” Wei Ying looked at Huo Yanyan, who was experiencing a mix of emotions.

“Hehe, you talk like you’re so noble. You’re not any better than us.”

“You’re really asking for a beating…” Wei Ying’s bestie couldn’t stand it any longer. She motioned as though she was going to hit Huo Yanyan.

However, Wei Ying reached out and stopped her.

“Forget it, we don’t want to stoop to their level. My mom always said, if one day you run into a big bitch, don’t argue with them. You have to acknowledge their point of view, compliment them, and encourage them to become the best bitch they can be.”

When Wei Ying said this, the two of them burst into laughter.

“Who are you calling a bitch?”

“You’re so sensitive. If you want to take everything as a personal attack, that’s not my fault.” Wei Ying smiled.

“If this is how rich, young ladies treat people, what can you do?” Huo Yanyan smirked.

“Wrong, this is how I treat rabid dogs, not people.”

With this, Wei Ying turned and walked away, followed by several of her friends.

Huo Yanyan’s face went from green to white.

“It looks like the rumors aren’t groundless…” Huo Yanyan’s friend Nana said.

“What rumors?” Huo Yanyan looked at her friend with confusion.

“I heard from some friends that Shen Mingxi is getting back together with Wei Ying.”

“Who said that?” Huo Yanyan looked very upset.

“Who else? It’s obvious. When Shen Mingxi got into the car accident, Wei Ying donated blood to save his life. Naturally, Shen Mingxi would feel grateful, and the Shen and Wei Families might also reconcile as well.”

“Dream on. I won’t let them succeed… If I can’t be happy, then neither can they,” Huo Yanyan said indignantly.

Inside her luxury sedan, Wei Ying was sitting in the driver’s seat, and her bestie was sitting shotgun.

“My goodness, your temper has improved over the past two years. If this was before and that bitch Huo Yanyan was being that arrogant, you would have slapped her silly.”

“Uh-huh. If it were before, it would’ve been quite possible.” Wei Ying smiled and fastened her seatbelt.

“So what’s going on now? Have you become a Buddhist? You can’t hurt living beings anymore?” her friend asked.

“It’s not that. I just don’t see the need. Why should women be fighting with one another? It’s tough for everyone really. Actually, I don’t believe those rumors that are going around. Huo Yanyan was with Mingxi for the money. I think she’s a big skank, but she really did have feelings for him, and they had a genuine relationship. I don’t think either of them wanted things to turn out this way.”

“Wow, listen to you! You really have become more kind-hearted.”

“It is not about being kind-hearted. I’ve just learned to think about problems from a different perspective. In the past, I used to only think about myself, so I would be more selfish in everything I did. Even if it were my own parents, I wouldn’t bother to consider their feelings. After the divorce, I let the dust settle for quite a while. I slowly started to figure some things out. Mingxi isn’t some big ladies’ man. Coming from a rich family, there were few scandals. These past few years, aside from me, he’s only been with one other woman, and that’s Huo Yanyan. For that reason, I can’t bring myself to think that he’s all that terrible. Maybe… maybe if I didn’t insist on getting so involved and have my dad enter into a business merger with Uncle Shen, then go force Mingxi, maybe he would have married Huo Yanyan a long time ago, and not me.”

“Wow, your realm of thought has become so profound now.” Her friend was a little surprised.

“Actually, I thought about it this way, I’ve had a much easier time as well. When I let them go, I also let go of myself… Huo Yanyan has gone through so much recently. Her dad is gone, her brother also died tragically, and now she has all of that going on with her mother. There are so many negative things happening around her, so she must be having a hard time.”

“But she brought all that on herself… You shouldn’t pity someone like that, Ying-Ying. I think you should take advantage of this opportunity to win back Shen Mingxi,” her friend said.



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