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(Dark Night Before Dawn (1)

“Don’t worry. This time, I won’t give Bit*h Zhang the chance to fully recover.” Pudding sounded confident in herself.

“Sis, are you going to kill her? It’s illegal.” Little Bean pretended to be shocked.

“Moron. Who’d be so stupid as to break the law? Our plan worked well since we used other people to deal with her. For some reason, the big bad guy Huo Siqian didn’t kill Zhang Manlin, but I have the feeling that she won’t live long. Anyway, it’s torture for her to live like this.”

“Sis, you mean we’ve just seen the last of Bit*h Zhang?” Little Bean asked with a smirk.


“Whoa! Perfect… I feel so much better with this eyesore removed…” The twins strolled out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Huo Yanyan was at her wits’ end as her mother’s case was about to be heard.

After that day, Shen Mingxi hadn’t returned. They had agreed to break up, but this time, she wasn’t certain if he meant it or he had said the words just to anger her.

Furious that Shen Mingxi didn’t help her, Huo Yanyan refused to admit her mistake; furthermore, she even put Shen Mingxi’s Wechat account and cellphone number into her blacklist.

“You don’t want to return home? Good! I won’t let you in when you decide to come back. This isn’t a place you can come and go at will. Tomorrow, I’ll change all the locks and toss out all your stuff…” Huo Yanyan threw Shen Mingxi’s ashtray onto the floor viciously.

“Mom, why don’t Uncle Shen return home? I miss him,” Tiantian held her mom’s arm and asked.

“Don’t miss him. He doesn’t take care of us. Besides, he isn’t your real father… Mom will find you a new dad with more money.”

The more she thought about it, the more furious she got; she said the words in great resentment.

“No. I like Uncle Shen. Uncle Shen is good to Tiantian and buys snacks and Barbie Girls for Tiantian…”

“You’re a just kid; a little bribery can buy your heart. Tiantian, I tell you, your Uncle Shen won’t come back. He abandoned us. He’s a coward who left your grandmother to fend for herself. I despise this man and won’t live with him anymore. Don’t mention his name in front of me.”

Then, Huo Yanyan grabbed her daughter and went downstairs.

She drove her daughter to the kindergarten and then called Lawyer Wang’s assistant to make an appointment to see Lawyer Wang again.

– In the lawyer’s office –

When Huo Yanyan walked in, Lawyer Wang looked at her with a lewd smile on his face as if he had been expecting her.

“Well? Miss Huo, have you made the decision?”

“Lawyer Wang, I can increase the pay; just tell me what kind of women you want, I can arrange for you…”

Huo Yanyan wasn’t stupid. She’d rather pay him more money than sleep with this old fellow.

“Well, Miss Huo… To tell you the truth, although I’m not yet a famous lawyer, I’m not short in funds… I can have as many women as I want… But I’m attracted by your elegance, Miss Huo… Only once is enough…”

As he spoke, his hand moved to Huo Yanyan’s thigh and wandered up…

He was disgusting…

Huo Yanyan wanted to push his hand away. But she knew if she did that, she’d lose the last chance to save her mother.

So, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, deciding to sacrifice herself this one time…

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