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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (3)

“Just based on how you’re now, who can you kill? I’m not an irresponsible man. We slept together, and I hold myself accountable. Even though your face is ruined, I don’t mind. If you are willing, you can quit and come with me. We can go back to my home, and I will sell my house in the city. We can take all the money President Qin gave us and build a three-story mansion at the foot of the mountains. We can live a simple life with my parents on farmland. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Zhang Shubao didn’t have a lot of experience in the relationship department, so Zhang Manlin had been on his mind since the day they meet.

He sneaked his way out and went to secretly check on her, even though all his buddies tried to convince him that Zhang Manlin was no good.

Upon seeing Zhang Manlin’s condition, he felt unbearable and made his offer.

To be honest, despite all the things that Zhang Manlin had done, Zhang Shubao still didn’t have second thoughts about her. He still wanted to bring her back home and live a simple and serene life.

It was really benevolent of him, and if it were any other girl, they’d probably weep because they were so touched by his pure heartedness. But, unfortunately, Zhang Manlin was not like other girls. She had always believed she was different, and that she was destined for greatness. She dreamt that one day she would be living the prestigious upper-class life.

In all honesty, she envied Huo Mian; she was jealous of the fact that at such a young age, Huo Mian drove sports cars worth millions. She was jealous that Huo Mian lived in a mansion worth 400 million yuan and that she didn’t have to do anything herself because of all the maids and servants. Huo Mian was also extremely respected at South Side, and most importantly, she had such an amazing man that loved her deeply.

So, as if being in a manic episode, Zhang Manlin had been trying very hard to replace Huo Mian. Initially, when Huo Siqian asked her to mimic Huo Mian, she was merely copying for the sake of copying. But, when she met Huo Mian in person, it was like a bull seeing a red cape, and she wanted everything that Huo Mian had.

Unfortunately, things didn’t always work out the way they intended. Not only did she not fulfill her wildest fantasies, but her delusions had also led her to the situation she was now in.

“You want me to leave with you?” Zhang Manlin chuckled, “In your dreams. I wouldn’t go with you even if my life depended on it! Don’t try to act like a saint now; you’re nothing more than a disgusting rapist. In my eyes, you’re a dumbass, how could you compare to the man in my heart?” Zhang Manlin scolded.

Zhang Shubao chuckled bitterly. “I’m sure you already know who the real idiot is. If this is what you want, then I won’t say much else. Do what you will, at your own discretion.”

He then turned to leave.

Zhang Manlin grabbed the bag of fruit he had brought and tossed it at him.

“Take your cheap shit, and don’t ever let me see your face again, you loser,” Zhang Manlin yelled.

At that moment, Zhang Shubao felt like he had been slapped across the face. How did he come to like a woman that was so vicious?

– Inside the Empress Suite of a night club in C City –

A crowd of men and women danced passionately to the beat. But, in such an environment, it was rather easy for some people to feel lonely and out of place.

Shen Mingxi was one of them.

“Master Shen, have a drink.” A lot of long-legged models dropped by and flirted, but Shen Mingxi told them to leave.

“No, I just want to drink by myself,” Shen Mingxi murmured, slightly tipsy.

At this time, a wealthy acquaintance walked over with a phone in his hand and threw his arm around Sheng Mingxi’s shoulder.

“Mr. Shen, look, the woman you’ve been supporting is sleeping over at that disgusting lawyer’s place again. She went in an hour ago, and the lights are turned off. It almost looks like she doesn’t want to leave.”

“Has nothing to do with me. We’ve… broken up,” Shen Mingxi said sadly, his heart aching as the words came out of his mouth.

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