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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (6)

“Mom, are you kidding? Do you think your son is so pathetic that he has to marry a divorced woman?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. It’s just Mrs. Wei cornered me with this question. Besides, don’t think so little of divorced women, okay? What’s wrong with divorced women anyway? Except for her bad temper, Wei Ying is a fine girl and didn’t do anything immoral. Furthermore, to be frank, if Mian divorced, you’d happily marry her and raise her two kids, right?” Mrs. Su said slowly.

“Mom, that’s different.”

“How is it different?”

“Because she is Mian and I accept everything about her…”

“You mean you’d ignore anyone else no matter how good they are just because they are not Huo Mian?” Mrs. Su was a bit piqued.

“I didn’t say that. But Wei Ying isn’t right for me. Firstly, her ex is Shen Mingxi who has been my bro ever since we were little. How can I pick up the woman he dumped? I’d be the laughingstock among my friends. Secondly, Wei Ying’s temper can’t be described by ‘bad’; she is a firecracker and even her own elder brother can’t stand her, not to mention me. We’re not compatible in terms of personality. Thirdly, it’s my business and I’ll do it in my own way. Mom, don’t worry about me, okay? If you can’t wait to have a grandson, it’s easy… I’ll find some surrogate mothers and do artificial insemination. You can have as many grandsons as you like. Just leave me alone…”

Then, Su Yu got up and left…

“You…” Despite her soft personality, Mrs. Su was so enraged by her son that she hurt inside.

Just as the saying goes, “Grown-up sons don’t listen to Moms…”. Su Yu was no longer as obedient as when he was a boy.

He wouldn’t obey her especially in the matter of his marriage.

– GK Group Headquarters –

“Sister Bella, I’m new to working as President Qin’s assistant and have lots to learn. I’d appreciate your guidance.” Carrying a pile of files in her arms, Zhang Manlin bumped into Bella, which wasn’t a pleasant encounter for either of them.

“You’re too modest. Miss Zhang, you’re a capable woman. You were appointed to this position by President Qin personally; it’s not my place to guide you.” Bella intensely disliked Zhang Manlin.

“Sister Bella, I know you have some misunderstandings about me. But I’ll show you I’m not just a piece of eye candy… I’ll be good at my job.”

“Tell me after you get your work done properly… No, I should say, after you make sure you can stay in this position.”

Bella left after tossing these cool words at her.

The people who didn’t know the truth of this arrangement thought Zhang Manlin was promoted as an exception due to her contribution to rescuing the kids.

They didn’t know the true intention of Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and their twins.

“President Qin, here is the document I prepared for your review.” Dressed in a blue business suit and wearing heavy make-up, Zhang Manlin tried to make herself look like a successful woman.

“Put it here.”

“President Qin, do you have… plans tonight?” Zhang Manlin said hesitantly.


“Oh… The thing is… I asked a friend to buy two tickets for a Snooker contest. I heard you like playing snooker and wondered if you would want to go watch it with me.”

“I have plans tonight. I’m going to take my daughter to the skating rink.”

“Oh… Okay. Maybe next time…” Zhang Manlin was a bit disappointed.

“By the way, do you know a guy named Zhang Shubao?” Qin Chu asked suddenly.

“No… I don’t. What about him?” Zhang Manlin was alarmed. She remembered Zhang Shubao, the wild countryman who had slept with her in the cellar.

“He begged me for a security guard position in the company; he said he wanted to be close to you…” While he spoke, Qin Chu looked at Zhang Manlin meaningfully.

She paled in fear… She was afraid that dumb bumpkin would say something to Qin Chu.



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