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(Creepy Wedding (6)

“Don’t call my name like we’re close. Big Brother Cheng isn’t something you can call me. I don’t have a heartless sister like you…”

Ah-Cheng was very loyal to Huo Siqian, so when he found out that Zhang Manlin disobeyed Huo Siqian and let the twins go, he was furious.

She even requested for Qin Chu to let her become his personal assistant as her reward.

Ah-Cheng’s first impression of this was that Zhang Manlin betrayed Huo Siqian so he had been looking for an opportunity to deal with her.

“Big Brother Cheng, listen to me…”

“Shut up… Let me ask you this. Who saved you from that poor ass village? Who paid for your plastic surgery. Have you forgotten what you looked like?”

“Yes. I know. I will never forget how Big Brother Qian helped me,” Zhang Manlin rushed to explain.

“Shut up. Stop calling boss Big Brother Qian. You speaking his name is an insult to him. How did a b*tch like you live till today? Is selling your boss a blissful sensation?”

Ah-Cheng grabbed onto Zhang Manlin’s hair tightly and slapped her on the face.

Zhang Manlin’s face immediately became swollen.

“Big Brother Cheng, listen to my explanation okay? I didn’t betray him…”

Before Zhang Manlin could finish, two men in black suits rushed over and pulled Ah-Cheng away. They tried to punch Ah-Cheng but Ah-Cheng was agile and dodged.

Then, Ah-Cheng looked cautiously at the two men.

“Miss Zhang, are you alright? President Qin had sent us to protect you…” The two bodyguards rushed to help Zhang Manlin up.

Zhang Manlin’s face turned pale… She did not speak…

“And you said you didn’t betray boss. B*tch, wait and see,” Ah-Cheng shouted at Zhang Manlin in fury before he walked away.

– At the Huo Residence –

“Boss, I’m speaking the truth. That b*tch Zhang Manlin really betrayed you. Qin Chu even sent bodyguards to secretly protect her. She’s precious now,” Cheng said.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, remained silent as he sipped his tea.

“Looks like Qin Chu isn’t treating her like some nobody. She looks like Ms. Huo. Also, she pretended to be a good person by disregarding your order and letting the twins. She’s slowly succeeding…”

“Qin Chu won’t like her. She’s doing this for the twins’ sake,” Huo Siqian analyzed.

Huo Siqian thought that Zhang Manlin saved the twins. He felt unsettled because his plan failed. His men had waited at Qinghe Town for a long time but accomplished nothing.

“No matter what though, she betrayed us, Boss. We can’t let her live.”

Huo Siqian did not respond.

“Boss, just say one word and I’ll chop her into a billion pieces,” Ah-Cheng said fiercely.

“No. How wasteful would it be to chop her into a billion pieces? She’s the product of five years of my labor.” Huo Siqian smirked.

“Boss, you mean…”

“How can I let a woman that betrayed me die? That’s too easy and comfortable…” Huo Siqian smirked evilly.

In some high-end private club in C City, a bunch of rich kids were drinking, and Tang Chuan and Shen Mingxi were there.

“Chuan, it’s been a while. Cheers.” Shen Mingxi had come for some rich kid’s birthday party.

He didn’t expect to see Tang Chuan. In order to make it less awkward, Shen Mingxi actively went to greet Tang Chuan.

“I heard Huo Yanyan is contacting lawyers herself to appeal for her mother’s case. What’s your opinion, Brother Shen?” Tang Chuan asked with a smile as he held up his glass of wine.

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