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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (17)

“Long time no see.” Shen Mingxi had never imagined that he would see Wei Ying again on such an occasion.

“You’re ill and can’t stand out here. Go in; it’s drafty out here…” Wei Ying urged Shen Mingxi.

“Come in and sit with me. I wanted to talk to you.”

Before she could reply, he turned and entered the room.

She couldn’t turn and go now, which would be weird.

Despite her embarrassment and surprise, Wei Ying followed Shen Mingxi into the ward.

The VIP ward was the most luxurious suite in the First Hospital, and the one-night cost was 6,888 yuan.

Ordinary people couldn’t afford it; the room was decorated luxuriously, making one feel at home.

The kitchen and the washing room in the suite were also super comfortable.

Wei Ying entered the room and sat on the sofa at the door as Shen Mingxi returned to the bed.

“Um… Do you want to have some porridge?” Wei Ying tried to find a topic.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Oh. Okay. You can have some when you’re hungry. It was home-cooked and not bought from a restaurant. I know the porridge in the restaurant has some chemicals, such as thickeners, just to make it look better and taste better. I didn’t dare to buy that; so, I bought raw materials and cooked it at home.”

“You cooked it yourself?” Shen Mingxi looked up and asked.

“Um… No. You know how clumsy I am. The house chef taught me how to do it step by step. It’s simple, but I’m not good at it. The chef helped me, so it wasn’t really cooked by me. Don’t overthink it.”

Wei Ying didn’t want Shen Mingxi to think that she still loved him and would cling to him like a band-aid.

“I didn’t overthink.”

“Well. Good…”

“How have you been in the past few years?” Shen Mingxi asked.

“I… have been fine. Very well. I’ve traveled all over the country. Last month, I drove to Tibet with some friends. It was super beautiful, and I hope you can go there when you have time. It has the most simple sceneries — blue sky and white clouds on the plateau; clear lakes, and hospitable Tibetan people.”

“Uhm. Okay.” Shen Mingxi nodded.

“Big Brother Mingxi… Are you feeling better?”

“Much better. I want to thank you for donating blood to me.”

“Oh. It’s nothing. The blood can replenish itself; it’s not the same as donating an organ. Don’t take it to heart. Anyway, my friend came with me and donated blood for you too. So, I can’t take all the credit. If I did it all by myself, I couldn’t have saved you even if I gave all of my blood to you. Haha…”

Wei Ying forced out a laugh and tried to relax so Shen Mingxi wouldn’t feel so guilty.

But Shen Mingxi was a smart man and had seen through her.

“Ying, I know it was difficult for you this time. Your family must have severely scolded you for it, right?” He remembered his mother mentioned the unfriendly behavior of Wei Liao when he came to the hospital.

Shen Mingxi could imagine what a difficult time Wei Ying had gone through when she reached home.

“They weren’t too severe. They love me. You know my elder brother. He’s got a foul mouth but… deep inside, he’s a good man. He wasn’t happy but could do nothing about it. What is done is done.”

“Uhm, I understand how they felt.” Shen Mingxi nodded.

“Big Brother Mingxi, don’t think too much of it or feel guilty. We’ve known each other since we were kids. Even though we’re no longer husband and wife, we’re still friends. It’s not a big deal that I saved you. I’d do the same for other friends, so don’t feel bad about it,” Wei Ying hurried to explain.




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