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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (4)

“I know, what I mean is, how did you fall for such a slut? It doesn’t seem to suit your style.” The man smiled in disdain.

If it was back then, Shen Mingxi would most definitely have gotten up and gave him a good beating, because he couldn’t bear hearing people speak negatively of his Yanyan. But now, he only laughed, as if at himself. He had no other reactions left in him; perhaps he had been hurt enough when he found out that she was willing to climb onto that old man’s bed to save her degenerate mother.

“Maybe… I was blind.” Shen Mingxi laughed some more at himself.

The man sighed, “This is not that big of a deal. But, it looks pretty bad. I heard she’s been with this lawyer before you guys even broke up. If that was the case, didn’t she deliberately cuckold you? Mr. Shen, we’ve known each other for quite some time now, and you know, my family is pretty clear on rules – black is black and white is white. Just give me the words, I will avenge you. How does that sound?”

“No need.” Shen Mingxi shook his head.

“Why not?! Aren’t you mad?? I think, at the very least, we should break their legs. If others hear about her cheating on you, it would be so embarrassing,” the man said with a hint of excitement in his eyes. It was clear he was trying to fan a burning flame.

Fortunately, Shen Mingxi was never someone that acted out of impulse.

“The past is the past. Now that it’s over, we’re basically strangers. What’s the point of doing this? There’s no point.” After finish speaking, he emptied the cup of alcohol in front of him.

Seeing there will likely not be any action going on, the man smacked lips and joined the crowd not far from them to dance with young models, leaving his phone on the table.

Sheng Mingxi lifted his head and briefly saw the photo on the man’s phone, it was a shot taken secretly without Huo Yanyan’s acknowledgment.

On the photo, she wore a pair of black pantyhose. Her hair was curled and had been dyed a shade lighter. She looked much prettier but had lost a sense of simplicity. In replacement, she looked more flirtatious and coquettish – She was no longer the Huo Yanyan that he used to know.

The Huo Yanyan that he knew would shyly call him Mingxi, make amazing dishes, and wash his clothes even when she was on her menstrual cycle.

She would wear cartoonish pajamas and watch One Piece while lying in his arms.

The woman in the photo looked more like a demon.

Shen Mingxi felt his heart throbbing again. He took out his phone and updated his status:

While walking down the wrong path, remember to look back.

While loving the wrong person, remember to let go.

Shen Mingxi couldn’t remember where he had seen the saying, but, at the moment in time, it was like an antidote for him.

Yes, he will take it as a love that was not meant to be. The woman that he thought was his true love now had become a passerby.

It wasn’t because he didn’t love her anymore, but more in the sense that he could no longer continue.

Perhaps he was too naΓ―ve. Just a month ago, he was still contemplating how to bring up the topic of marriage to his family. It saddened him that Huo Yanyan’s parents weren’t around, so he wanted to officially welcome her to his family through a grand wedding.

At the thought of the situation now, Shen Mingxi couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

The comments were gathering on his phone. He looked at the screen coldly as the irrelevant individuals were replying one after another.

However, Tang Chuan’s comment caught his eye – You’re a typical case of someone that refuses to shed tears till the coffin is in the ground. Don’t be so stubborn and insist on your ideas, you don’t need to hit the wall before turning back.

Shen Mingxi replied, “I’ve shed my tears now and have begun heading back.”

“Then it’s not too late. None of these things will matter in the long run. Ten years down the road, we’d be laughing about it while having a drink. F*ck it,” Tang Chuan replied.

“Thanks for the comforting words, Brother,” Shen Mingxi replied back.

“The b*tch’s court date is tomorrow. You are not going, right?” Tang Chuan continued.

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