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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (6)

“President Qin is busy; he just went to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new property in the Development Zone. He asked us to see you and tell you that he hopes you will heal from your wounds soon, and the company will pay for the treatment.”

“You can go now. I don’t need you here.”

Zhang Manlin was resentful but couldn’t show it.

“Miss Zhang…”

“Get out! I told you to get out! Why don’t you beat it?!” Zhang Manlin exploded.

“You can leave now. The patient went through a lot and it’s natural she is emotional,” the doctor soothed them.

“You get out, too!” Looking at the doctor, Zhang Manlin lashed out at him.

“We are your medical staff…”

“I don’t want you here. You all get out.”

When everyone left, she picked up her cellphone and turned on the camera to see her face.

She screamed and threw the cellphone on the ground, shattering it.

The news about Zhang Manlin’s ruined face spread quickly in the company. At lunchtime, Bella and Zhixin sat across from each other.

“What goes around comes around.”

“Yeah, that woman had it coming. The woman is a hypocrite and I guess she has lots of enemies.” Zhixin also disliked Zhang Manlin.

“That’s good news. We don’t have to worry about her circling around President Qin. By the way, did you know that Assistant Yang will come back soon?”

“That’s good news. Our company will return to the previous state. Ha, no, I must tell my sister this good news.”

That said, Zhixin sent Huo Mian a voice message.

“Sis, come out! Come out!”

“What’s up?”

“What are you doing, Sis?”

“I’m in the hospital cafeteria.”

“We’re having lunch too.”

“No nonsense. What’s up? Tell me…” Huo Mian knew Zhixin had some news for her when he sounded so eager.

“Good news. Something happened to Zhang Manlin.”

“Oh, this. I know already.”

“What? You knew it?”

“Yeah. Last night when the security guards of the company found her, the Security Department called Qin Chu, so I learned about it too.”

“Um… You knew it, but how come you’re so calm about it?”

“What should I do? Do you want me to celebrate it with fireworks?” Huo Mian replied with a smile as she ate her lunch.

“No. I think… at least you should post a happy message on Wechat Moment. For example, you can post the most classic saying: What goes around comes around.”

“It’s not my style.” Huo Mian vetoed this suggestion.

“Well, yeah, my sis is so low-keyed and would never post such a gloating message on her Moments. Besides, it would feed the gossipers. I was na├»ve. But Sis, everyone is happy about the news.”

“Okay. Go back to your lunch.”

Huo Mian wasn’t surprised that something had happened to Zhang Manlin.

When the twins were rescued from the bandits, they made a 180-degree change and recommended Zhang Manlin to their parents with great enthusiasm.

They claimed she saved their lives and recommended her to work in the company as repayment.

This was just a trap.

It was a trap Pudding made especially for Zhang Manlin.

Later in private, Pudding and Little Bean had told their parents everything that had happened in the mountains.

Zhang Manlin was so selfish and heartless that she betrayed the kids to protect herself.

Qin Chu had wanted to get rid of her immediately, but Pudding said that her Daddy didn’t need to do it and she could handle Zhang Manlin with another’s hand.

It was how the big drama of Zhang Manlin’s betraying Huo Siqian began. In fact, a ruined face was the beginning of her punishment.

With Huo Siqian’s way of doing things, Zhang Manlin would have more misfortunes coming her way…

At his moment, Su Yu sent Huo Mian a message on Wechat.

“Doctor Huo, I’m now at South Side. You said you wanted to talk to me, right? If it’s okay with you, I’ll come up and see you.”

Seeing Su Yu’s message, Huo Mian felt a bit awkward, wondering how she would broach the subject of the dating show. If she tried to talk him into going to the dating show, would he trash her mercilessly?



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