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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (10)


“Then we are breaking up.” Huo Yanyan was piqued.

“Okay. It’s up to you… I’m tired.” Shen Mingxi heaved out a long sigh and left the room.

Enraged, Huo Yanyan knocked down everything in the lounge room, making loud noises.

“Why? Why did he do this to me…”

Shen Mingxi’s repeated refusal made her feel worthless; she felt that he no longer loved her.

Instead of thinking of a way to patch up their relationship, she came up with another idea.

Inside a café, Huo Yanyan took out a brown envelope with a thick pile of cash in it.

“Here is the money. Where’s the thing?”

“All in here.” The man handed her a USB flash drive.

“Only one clip?” Huo Yanyan asked.

“Three. The first one is the conversation between Wei Dong and the other guys about Huo Mian; the second is a clip when Huo Mian bailed Wei Dong out from the police station; the angle I took made them look very intimate… The third clip is about how Huo Mian got people to smooth over that thing. Although Huo Mian isn’t in sight, she is mentioned in the conversation.”

“Good.” Huo Yanyan nodded in satisfaction.

“Ha. I don’t understand. I heard things between you calmed down a bit. Are you fighting again?” Han Xu smiled as if he was enjoying a good drama.

“Take your money. Don’t ask things that will get you in trouble,” Huo Yanyan said coldly.

“Okay! Okay! I get it.”

“You’re no better than me. As their class president, you did this to them. We are two peas in a pod.” Huo Yanyan glanced at Han Xu.

“I didn’t do it for money. After all, 30,000 yuan can’t last me a lifetime. I’m just jealous of that bastard Wei Dong. Look at him, how come he got Huo Mian’s help but I can’t? I don’t understand what Wei Dong has that I don’t. I’d understand it if Wei Dong was as wealthy as before, but he’s broke now, and everyone was giving him the cold shoulder. However, Huo Mian loaned him 5 million yuan…”

Han Xu felt that it was extremely unfair.

In fact, he was secretly in love with Huo Mian too, but he concealed it well and no one figures it out in the past years.

At each gathering, he was the most active organizer because he had been looking for an opportunity to see Huo Mian alone.

Unfortunately, the first gathering gave Qin Chu and Huo Mian the opportunity to get back together; he couldn’t get over it after all these years.

Later, he stirred up trouble between Wei Dong and Huo Mian, but in the end, Huo Mian still offered to help Wei Dong when he was at his weakest.

In contrast, Huo Mian had been aloof to him, which was why he immediately agreed to help Huo Yanyan when she came to him.

He helped her make these videos…

“Hehe, jealousy turns into hatred. I understand… I’ve been there. Okay, you’d better go now. No one can see us together.”

Then she left with the flash drive and saved a small part of the videos on her cellphone.

When Huo Mian came out from the hospital’s cafeteria after lunch, she received a text message from Huo Yanyan.

“Mian, can we meet?”

“I’m busy,” Huo Mian refused without hesitation.

“Then you take a look at this.” Huo Yanyan sent the part of the video to Huo Mian.

In it was the disgusting conversation between Wei Dong and some other guys.

“I say, Wei Dong, is it because you’ve got a big tool and good bed skills that Huo Mian keeps seeking your company… She can’t live without you… You’re really good, fellow! Haha!”

Watching this clip, Huo Mian burned with rage…

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