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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (7)

“Um, okay. I’m in the hospital cafeteria. Have you had lunch? Do you wanna come up and grab a bite?”

“Okay. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Soon after this message, Su Yu parked the car and went upstairs.

His black Lamborghini was very eye-catching, and many young nurses knew it was Young Master Su’s car by looking at its plate.

Ever since Su Yu fell in love with Huo Mian, he had been a frequent visitor to South Side.

“Whoa! Young Master Su is here!”

“He’s so handsome. The actresses at Imperial Star are so lucky that they can see such a handsome boss every day.”

“Without a doubt, Young Master Su is here to see our deputy director.”

“Yeah. I’m envious of the deputy director for having Young Master Su as her good friend.”

On the first floor, the young nurses talked about him with stars in their eyes.

Some bold ones even walked over and informed him, “Young Master Su, our deputy director is in the hospital cafeteria.”

“I know.” Su Yu nodded with a smile and continued walking.

The hospital cafeteria was open from 11 AM to 1 PM, a full two hours.

Many hospital staff had lunch here; sometimes, the patients would buy pre-paid cards to have meals here as well.

Huo Mian always came in the last wave because the cafeteria was less crowded at this hour and she could find a seat.

Although there weren’t many people in the cafeteria, Su Yu still caused a stir when he walked in.

Su Yu liked to wear casual Versace in plain and clean colors, such as white.

Dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt and beige slacks, he had his Lamborghini key and black iPhone 7 plus in his hands, a standard image of a tall and handsome rich guy.

“Here…” Huo Mian raised her hand and called out to Su Yu.

Su Yu walked directly to her. “What’s on today’s menu?”

“There are more than a dozen dishes. What would you like to eat?” Huo Mian asked with a smile.

Su Yu glanced at Huo Mian’s platter.

“Stir-fried pork with black fungus, yellow croaker stewed with fermented soybean, stir-fried broccoli, and braised spare ribs in brown sauce. Nice. I’ll take yours.”

Su Yu slid Huo Mian’s platter to himself.

“Hey! I’ve begun eating…” Huo Mian meant “aren’t you bothered that it’s my leftovers?”

“What? You didn’t catch chicken flu, right?” Su Yu glanced at her and retorted.

“Fine… Well, you’re a scoundrel and can make a retort sound so dignified.”

Resigned, Huo Mian smiled and got up to buy another platter of food with her pre-paid card.

She brought lots of rice back, knowing Su Yu had a big appetite.

“What do you think? Is the food better?” Huo Mian asked.

“Erm. Delicious… Very good.” Su Yu was full of praises.

“Oh, by the way, um… are you busy with your work lately?”

“I am. Didn’t Little Bean and Pudding tell you that our company signed a big Qing Dynasty palace drama? Other than our own actors, we invited some A-list idols and celebrities to join the drama. This is a big production and I’ve been busy running this thing. By the way, I invited Pudding and Little Beam to be our guest actresses.”

“Huh? What roles can they play?” Huo Mian was dumbstruck.

“They can play the little princesses of a royal prince.”

“I never heard of a Qing Dynasty royal prince who had twins…” Huo Mian had read lots of books, including Shiji (Records of the Great Historian), and didn’t remember any records about twins.

“It doesn’t matter. No one cares if it’s true or not so long as the plot and performance are good.”

“But you would change the records of history!” Huo Mian retorted.



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