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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (2)

“Yeah. Mrs. Su is gentle and graceful. She is indeed a true lady from a well-respected family… Those wives of new money are no match for her.”

“Then Young Master Su’s good looks come from his mother?”

“Anyway, Mrs. Su quite likes our deputy director… It’s a pity that our deputy director isn’t her daughter-in-law.”

“I don’t agree… Deputy Director’s husband is even more handsome; he’s a fine-looking man…”

“Oh… Our deputy director is so lucky; she’s an excellent example for us grassroots. She was born in an ordinary family and didn’t go to a prestigious school; most importantly, she doesn’t even have the looks that could tempt a man to commit a crime. But so many excellent men fell head over heels in love with her.”

“In conclusion, women must be classy. Men will eventually get bored with a piece of eye candy, right? Look at those women who work in the night clubs; each of them has slim legs, a tiny waist, a bubble butt, an internet celebrity’s face, great body proportions, and a cooing voice. What becomes of them? They still end up as playthings of wealthy men, right?”

“Exactly! In ancient times, the most beautiful girls were mostly famous prostitutes in brothels. The daughters and the mistresses of the big families all stayed at home. They were classy and smart. Our deputy director is really smart and low-key. If I were a man, I’d like her, too.”

The young nurses gossiped about Huo Mian with gusto…

In the lounge room next to the conference room upstairs, Huo Mian poured a glass of boiled water for Mrs. Su.

“Mama Su, have some water, please.”

“Thank you. Mian, come and sit down.”

Patting on the empty chair next to her, Mrs. Su said.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. I had dinner at your home when the kids came back safe. But we had a lot of people around us last time and I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. You’re busy with your work, so I had to come to the hospital to see you.”

“Su Yu told me that you went to Jing City?”

“Yeah. His grandfather didn’t feel well and needed to stay in Jing City’s Army Hospital for observation. Mr. Su and I were worried and flew over to see him.”

“Is Grandpa Su sick? Is it serious?”

“He’s okay. Just the old problems due to the old age, such as high blood sugar and high blood pressure, etc.”

“Grandpa Su is stubborn. In fact, at his age, he should have retired and enjoyed his life a long time ago,” said Huo Mian.

“He wants to retire and enjoy life. But he can’t stay idle. Wifeless and childless, our Yu disappoints us. His grandpa gets bored whenever he comes back and can’t stay long.”

Hearing the mention of Su Yu, Huo Mian looked uncomfortable and didn’t want to join the topic.

“By the way, Mian, I heard from Yu that you are expecting soon again?”


“How long has it been now?” Mrs. Su was delighted.

“Only a couple of months. It doesn’t show yet.” Huo Mian beamed.

“Whoa. But you still work so hard. You should stay home and rest. How can you work?”

“I’m not that fragile. Well… It’s quite busy in the hospital and I don’t feel any discomfort. Anyway, I’m not in labor yet.”

“You’re stubborn. Oh, this is for you. It’s A-class bird’s nests from Malaysia. You must take more tonics with your second pregnancy.”

Mrs. Su placed the gift box in Huo Mian’s hands.

“Thank you, Mama Su.” Huo Mian felt warm inside.

“Mian, I want Yu to attend a television dating show.” Hearing Mrs. Su’s words, Huo Mian almost choked.




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