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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (3)

“More blood? But we don’t have any more… The donors are two girls and they are lightweight and have slight anemia. 200 cc is the most they can donate.”

“Then what shall we do?”

The doctor and nurse looked anxious.

Hearing their conversation, Wei Ying struggled up and said in a weak voice, “Doctor, I can donate more…”

“No. You’ve reached your limit. In your condition, you can only donate 200 ccs; your body can’t lose more blood.”

“I can do it. I look thin but am in fact very strong.” Wei Ying forced a smile on her face.

“No. We’ll think of another way.” The doctor refused her offer.

“Doctor, we must save him. Please… He’s my… ex-husband. We divorced but he’s still the man I love the most. If something happens to him, I won’t want to live either… Please, draw some more blood from me.”

Wei Ying said the words with tears in her eyes. It wasn’t an act.

Those words were from the bottom of her heart. Shen Mingxi was unconscious and couldn’t hear her; his family was outside the room and knew nothing about what was going on in the room.

At this critical moment, Wei Ying’s words showed how much she loved Shen Mingxi.

“But…” The doctors looked torn since they were afraid something would happen to her and they had to shoulder the responsibility.

“Don’t hesitate. I’ll take all the consequences. I’ll sign a disclaimer, okay?”

Wei Ying begged them again and again.

“Then… We’ll draw some more from you. If you feel any discomfort, you must tell us immediately and we’ll stop. Okay?” The doctors were still afraid.

“Okay. No problem.”

Seeing the doctors agree to do it, Wei Ying struggled up and walked over on shaky legs to get her blood drawn.

When the needle pierced her vein, she felt the slight sting like a mosquito bite. But after losing lots of blood, she felt fatigued.

She felt dizzy; it felt like car sickness, but she couldn’t throw up.

She felt drowsy and wanted to go to sleep…

But she didn’t say a word…

In the end, she was able to control herself until the doctor drew out another 200 cc blood from her.

“You’re so brave. When your husband… no… your ex-husband wakes up, he will be touched.” the doctors praised Wei Ying.

“I don’t want his gratitude. I only hope he will be better, just like before.”

Wei Ying pulled down her sleeve carefully. The moment she stood up, she blacked out and fell to the ground.

“Oh! This lady?”

Scared, the doctors hurried over and helped Wei Ying to the bed.

They measured her blood pressure and checked on her.

“She’s fine. But due to the big loss of blood, she needs lots of sleep to recover,” said the doctor.

“Push her out of the room so the family members outside the room can take care of her. Let’s resume the operation.”


When the two nurses pushed Wei Ying out of the room, all the people waiting outside swarmed in.

After all, people are selfish. The family members of Shen Mingxi asked, “How is my son?”

“The patient is safe now,” the doctor said.

Every member of the Shen Family sighed in relief…

“You must thank this lady. With her weak condition, she reached her limit by donating 200cc. But she managed to donate another 200cc after she learned that we needed more blood. Due to the blood loss, she passed out. She sacrificed a lot. Take good care of her.”

When the doctor finished talking, everyone fell silent…




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