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(How Bitter Do People Like You Feel Inside (4)

“I got them on Taobao…” Mr. Qin said casually.

“You… You… You even shop online now?” Huo Mian was incredulous.

“I happened to see them when I browsed the web and found them cute. I thought you’d like them.”

“Haha. Indeed. Shopping online saves money. The matching non-slip slippers must be very cheap, right?”

Huo Mian especially liked Qin Chu’s attention to detail. After she got pregnant, he had replaced many small decorations and everyday things in their home with new ones before she noticed them.

From air purifiers and water purifiers to non-slip slippers and natural skincare products for pregnant women – these details showed how much he cared for her.

“Um. Not expensive. 500 plus bucks for one pair.”

“500 plus…? Are you sure you were not scammed?” Huo Mian felt stifled.

“I bought them on Disney’s official store.”

“Damn it… Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Pouting, Huo Mian closed the bathroom door in a huff.

The big bubble bathtub was ready with water. Huo Mian touched the water and found it was the right temperature.

More touching was that there were many rose petals floating in the tub water; meanwhile, she noticed that the previous essence oils had been replaced by pure natural hand-made soaps of a luxurious brand.

It was obvious that Mr. Qin had spent lots of time and thoughts on it…

A woman might not like a man even if he was handsome, rich or powerful

But she certainly would like a man who poured his heart into their relationship. No one could resist such whole-hearted love.

In the past years, Qin Chu had done everything for her with love, including the time when they were dating, newly married, and since their reunion after years apart.

Even a stone would be warmed by his love.

Relaxed, Huo Mian soaked in the bath and listened to the light music.

Qin Chu was reading files on his laptop in the main bedroom when Huo Mian’s cellphone beeped.

Qin Chu picked it up and saw it was a confirmation message from WeChat; Huo Yanyan was trying to add Huo Mian on WeChat.

He pressed the button “Add” and before Huo Yanyan could speak, he quickly blacklisted her.

With this way, she couldn’t add Huo Mian again; then he changed the setting on Huo Mian’s WeChat so no one could find her WeChat ID through searching.

In this way, Huo Yanyan couldn’t add Huo Mian with other people’s WeChat accounts or a new WeChat account.

Sure enough…

When Huo Yanyan recorded a long audio message and tried to send it to Huo Mian, she found her message was rejected by Huo Mian.

“Blacklisted me? You’re good… Hehe.” Huo Yanyan sneered.

She knew Shen Jiani’s car crash was arranged by someone.

She had lost her mind and could do nothing but find Huo Mian and curse her.

In the afternoon, Gao Ran took her away and kept her in the police department for a few hours before letting her go. But they kept the body in the police department.

Huo Yanyan went to South Side again and found the hospital was being guarded with more security.

She couldn’t even get into the lobby. Then she searched for Huo Mian’s car and found it wasn’t in the parking lot.

Her pent-up anger with nowhere to vent frustrated her even more.

She tried to add Huo Mian on WeChat but was blacklisted…

Afraid she’d call and harass Huo Mian, Qin Chu reset Huo Mian’s cellphone so that only callers on the contact list could reach her; all the calls and messages from other callers would be rejected.

After countless tries, Huo Yanyan gained nothing.

In a daze, she went into a nightclub and got drunk.

Then she called Shen Mingxi…

After a long time, Shen Mingxi finally answered.

“Hello?” His voice was hoarse.

“My mom is dead,” Huo Yanyan only said four words.



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