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(Creepy Wedding (7)

“I’m not interfering with Yanyan’s problems,” Shen Mingxi expressed his stance.

“Oh? Didn’t people say that you spoil Huo Yanyan and that you would go against your whole family for her?” Tang Chuan asked purposefully.

“That’s something else. Indeed, I have spoiled her but this is something that I will not do. Chuan, we’ve known each other for many years. You need to know that no matter how foolish I am or how much I love Huo Yanyan, I will not be foolish enough to help her save that malicious mother of hers.”

“Good. I was thinking that if you interfered with this, you would automatically become Qin Chu and Yu’s enemy…”

“I know.” Shen Mingxi nodded. He understood well what Tang Chuan meant.

Ever since Shen Mingxi and Su Yu’s relationship deteriorated, Tang Chuan rarely talked to Shen Mingxi either. Even when they saw each other at events, they would no longer drink with each other.

It was a rare occasion that Tang Chuan was in the mood to talk to him about this. This might be because he went to talk to Su Yu right away when he found out about the twins’ kidnapping.

Shen Mingxi had contributed to the twins’ retrieval…

“Have you reconciled with Yu?” Tang Chuan asked.

“I’m not sure but he seems really busy lately. He doesn’t have time to chat about these kinds of things,” Shen Mingxi said awkwardly.

“Easy. Wait and I’ll call him now,” Tang Chuan said. Then, he took out his phone and dialed Su Yu’s number.

He even put it on speaker.

“Su Yu…”

“What?” Su Yu was always somewhat rude to Tang Chuan.

“Come drink with us…”

“Where?” Su Yu seemed to be in a good mood.

“At Golden Bottle. There’re a lot of buddies here. It’s Yue’s birthday so everyone’s out partying. Mr. Shen is here too,” Tang Chuan said intentionally.

Suddenly, the lively private booth quieted down and everyone looked over, all waiting for Su Yu’s response.

People in their circle loved to gossip. When Su Yu and Shen Mingxi’s relationship dissolved, people chatted about this for a long time. However, they all learned to not joke about Huo Mian in front of Su Yu, no matter what.

Shen Mingxi gripped onto his wine glass tightly, afraid to utter a peep.

Tang Chuan had it on speaker so everyone could hear Su Yu’s response. If Su Yu really refused or said something mean, Shen Mingxi would be very embarrassed.

After a three-second silence, Su Yu responded, “Okay, wait for me. I’ll be there in 15.”

Shen Mingxi was relieved after hearing this response.

Tang Chuan chucked and said, “Sure, we’ll wait for you.”

Just then, another rich guy sucked up to Tang Chuan and said, “Mr. Tang and Mr. Shen sure are incredible people. You guys can make Mr. Su come.”

“Yes, Yue, you’re honored today.”

“Haha, it is my honor to have Mr. Su come celebrate my birthday. Waiter, open up two bottles of royal vodka.” The rich birthday boy was rather delighted as the rest of them continued to party.

It was the first time after that incident that Su Yu and Shen Mingxi drank together. Their relationship had reconciled.

At that moment, Huo Yanyan was running around town to try to help her mother.

“Miss Huo, Attorney Wang has been waiting for you. Please go in,” the assistant in the law firm greeted Huo Yanyan with a smile.

Huo Yanyan didn’t look that great. After some hesitation, she still decided to go in.



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