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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (1)

“Officer, I’m not lying to you, I swear. It’s him…”

“But why would he want to kill you?” The police looked at Zhang Manlin with a stunned expression.

“Because…” Zhang Manlin stopped herself. She couldn’t tell them that he wanted to destroy her because she betrayed him.

Instead, she said, “Maybe it’s because I accidentally discovered some of his secrets.”

“Miss Zhang, are you absolutely certain that it’s Huo Siqian, the president of the Huo Corporation? Not someone with the same name, perhaps?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s definitely him.”

“Okay, then what proof do you have?” the policeman asked.

“I saw him with my own eyes. He nearly suffocated me, and you’re asking me for evidence?” Zhang Manlin was furious.

“The problem is, what if you are making slanderous statements without evidence? We can’t just arrest someone because of what someone else says.” The officer was in a difficult spot.

“You can go check the hospital’s surveillance system. He came in right through the door. The security camera in the corridor must have caught him on film, for sure…”

Zhang Manlin remembered that when Huo Siqian was screaming at her, he muttered something about how the video would catch everything and that he wouldn’t be able to get out of it.

“Li, go check the recording,” one of the officers said to the other.


Ten minutes later, the officer returned.

“What’s up? Did you see him?”

“Couldn’t see anything. The hospital video network was broken, so it was being fixed today. The entire security surveillance system was down… there was no way to check it.”

“He must have had someone do it. Listen to me, Huo Siqian is very powerful. Yan Ruoxi is the daughter of the mayor, so he can do whatever he wants in this city. You must believe me, Officer.”

“Miss Zhang, like we just said, you have no supporting evidence. How are we supposed to help you?”

“You can ask the president of our corporation, Mr. Qin Chu. He knows a lot about Huo Siqian’s secrets. If those things were to be exposed, it would be enough to get Huo Siqian death-sentenced. Why don’t you call Mr. Qin?”

“President Qin? At this hour? I don’t think it’s appropriate,” one of the officers said hesitatingly.

“That’s right, I heard that President Qin is good friends with the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. If we bother him at midnight, we’ll get in trouble, won’t we?” the other one replied.

“No you won’t, President Qin is the boss of our corporation. He would definitely stand up for his employees.”

Zhang Manlin was going to give up.

“Miss Zhang, how about this? It’s already very late, why don’t you go and rest, and tomorrow we’ll file a report for you, okay?”

“No, if you guys leave, I will call the media and say that the police are not doing what they should… taking the money from our taxpayers, but not willing to do things for us and covering up for the bigwigs. I will expose you corrupt policemen.”

Zhang Manlin had gone nuts, and she was attacking everyone she set her eyes on.

“Has this friend of yours ever had a history of mental illness?” the police ignored Zhang Manlin and asked Zhang Shubao, who was standing off to the side.

“I’m not too sure about that. I haven’t known her for very long. We are all new employees at GK.” Zhang Shubao did not dare answer.

“I don’t have a mental illness. Everything I’m saying is true… It really is Huo Siqian, you guys need to go and arrest him…”

“What… do we do about this?” The two police officers didn’t know what to do.

“Or, how about we call our director and ask him to contact the security bureau, then have that bureau contact President Qin. After all, it is one of his company’s employees, right?” one officer proposed to the other.

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