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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (6)

“Yeah. I’ve never seen him so angry in the many years that I’ve known him. Once I kicked his crotch by accident when we were still little, but he didn’t look as furious as today. It was scary…” Su Yu said exaggeratingly.

Huo Mian had sweat popping on her brow.

“Can we have a normal chat, Young Master Su?”

“Of course.”

“So, what happened?”

“Wei Ying donated 400 ccs of blood and saved the day. I didn’t expect that wild girl would risk her life for a man…”

“Wei Ying? She donated 400 ccs with her fragile physique?” Huo Mian was surprised.

Huo Mian remembered Wei Ying was quite thin; the daughters of the big families all had diet meals each day to keep a nice figure, just like the movie stars did.

Do you really think the people who posted pictures of delicious food would eat it?

If you do, you’re sadly mistaken. They post the pictures just because the food looks good.

It was unbelievable that Wei Ying donated 400 ccs of blood with her fragile physique.

Even a man in his prime would feel dizzy after donating 400 cc blood.

Some would say that the blood would replenish itself after the donation; it was not that it was gone forever.

But it takes time for the platelets to make blood; no one can replenish all the lost blood in one instant. It’s not a game.

It was why Huo Mian was astonished.

“Yeah. The doctor kept praising the young girl. Indeed, Wei Ying lost her consciousness and had to get nutrients transfusion in the ward next to the emergency room… Mr. Wei got the news from someone and barged in with a furious look. After railing at Mrs. Shen, he carried Wei Ying out before she woke up.”

“Um… I can imagine the scene. It’s indeed horrible. Mr. Wei is such an elegant gentleman, but he must look very scary when he loses it, right?” Huo Mian said.

“Extremely scary… Even I shivered…”

“Get out…” Huo Mian scolded him with a laugh.

“Have you eaten?” Su Yu asked.

“Do you know what time it is now, bro? What meal are you talking about?” Huo Mian couldn’t help chuckling.

“You’re pregnant, right? Don’t pregnant women have big appetites? I think you can eat two basins of food for one meal, correct?”

“Do you think I’m a pig? Two basins for one meal? I’m in the early stage of my pregnancy. I sometimes vomit at certain smells… How can I keep the food down?”

“It’s miraculous that another life will be born…” At the thought that Huo Mian would give birth to another baby, Su Yu exclaimed.

Four years ago, Huo Mian had been a totally different person.

At that time, Huo Mian had just lost Qin Chu and felt like dying; she even had prenatal depression and wanted to kill herself.

She had looked depressed each day…

But now, she was surrounded by her daughters, husband, and other family members…

She was at the top of the world, and Su Yu felt happy for her, despite the sense of loss at the bottom of his heart.

“Great Doctor Huo, what gift do you want for your second pregnancy?”

“Since Mr. Su is so generous, you can give my baby Imperial Star. When he grows up, he can date any female star he wants. Ha!”

“You sound as if you are sure it’s a boy…” Su Yu also laughed.

“Would you give him the gift if it’s a boy?”

“Sure. If it’s a boy, I’ll give him that. It’s just a company. No big dealy,” Young Master Su boasted.

“Whoa! Handsome Su, we all heard it. We’ll remember your promise for Mom and our little brother… You can’t go back on your words!” Little Bean stuck out her head from behind Huo Mian and stuck out her tongue at Su Yu.

“You girls and your mom were sent by God to make me go broke, right?” Su Yu didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

At this moment, they heard the door opening.

“Honey, come here. I have something to show you,” Qin Chu said to Huo Mian.



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