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(How Bitter Do People Like You Feel Inside (5)

After a moment of silence, Shen Mingxi slowly said, “My condolences.”

“Hehe, you’re all happy now that she’s dead, eh? I spent so much energy and effort but I still couldn’t save her.”

“I’m not happy. You need to know that I never take pleasure in other’s misfortunes. I just wanted to tell you that there’s too much going on with that situation,” Shen Mingxi corrected her.

“It’s all too late now. She’s dead. She’s dead because of you guys,” Huo Yanyan said with emotional instability.

“Why are you still like this even now? I really don’t have anything more to say,” Shen Mingxi said and then hung up before Huo Yanyan could respond.

“Shen…” Before she could finish her sentence, she heard the beeping sound from the dial tone.

“F*ck him, he actually hung up on me…” Huo Yanyan was furious.

She called multiple times but Shen Mingxi would not pick up.

Huo Yanyan had lost her ability to think clearly and rationally right now so whatever Shen Mingxi said, she would not listen.

When Huo Mian finished her shower, it was almost 11 PM.

She climbed onto the bed with Qin Chu and they cuddled together. Qin Chu might have been overworked recently so he fell asleep quickly but Huo Mian felt bored. She picked up her phone and started reading news and scrolling through Weibo and forums.

Suddenly, she received a message from a stranger.

Huo Mian clicked on the message, and the look on her face changed immediately.

“You sure spent a lot of effort to avoid me. You blocked me on WeChat and my caller ID. Huo Mian, are you a coward?”

When Huo Mian saw this message, instead of asking who the person was, she checked her blacklist on WeChat.

She found Huo Yanyan on there so she immediately realized what had happened.

She did not block Huo Yanyan so it must have been Chu that did it for her.

He also blocked her number.

However, he didn’t expect Huo Yanyan to register another Weibo account to disturb Huo Mian.

“I didn’t try to avoid you nor do I need to.”

“Why not? You killed my mother. You intentionally got a drunk driver to kill her. You weren’t afraid to involve the innocent. If this were exposed, everyone would know you and your husband are just pretending to be nice and charitable. You aren’t a white-robed angel. It’s all fake! You’re a disgusting person, Huo Mian!”

“Huo Yanyan, I know that you’re in a bad mood because your mother just died but can’t you stop slandering others? You also don’t have any proof that my husband found someone to kill your mother, right? Even if you had proof, so what? Your mother deserved to die. Your mother had hurt me since I was a child. She also bullied my mother and my little brother. Our lives were completely different from you, your mother, and your little brother’s. Now that your life isn’t as easy as before, your natural reaction is to blame other people. Why don’t you blame that you didn’t know how to reincarnate into a better life? Why don’t you blame your evil mother that made you and your brother take the wrong path? How bitter are you? Why can’t you accept that others can have a better life than you?”

Huo Mian was an eloquent person but she rather not speak so much when it was unnecessary.

Now that their relationship was so tensed, she felt no need to hold back and care about Huo Yanyan’s feelings.

“You…” Huo Yanyan wanted to rebut but didn’t know what to say.

“Huo Yanyan, you need to know that God knows. He’s fair. He knows how much good and bad things a person has done in one’s life. Your mother ending up like that is nothing peculiar. I just don’t know why you can’t live a happy life with Shen Mingxi, instead insisting on choosing this path? Are you even human anymore? Why don’t you think for your daughter?” Huo Mian criticized.



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