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(Creepy Wedding (15)

“Posting food past midnight and tempting others… Huo Mian, I’m looking down on you,” Su Yu pouted and complained.

No one knew how much she had wanted to eat that delicious bowl of beef noodles.

Unexpectedly, Huo Mian instantly responded even though it was so late into the light.

“Who are you to look down on me…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Fine. I can never win an argument with you. Doctor Huo sure is cogent,” Su Yu chuckled gently.

“Why are you not sleeping at this time of the day? Did you just come home from a night out with girls?” Huo Mian asked with a smile.

“Missie, how is this midnight. This is morning, okay? There’s no way I could have slept. An just dragged me to an expensive midnight snack.”

“Haha, that’s nothing to you. Mr. Su does not lack money.”

“I do lack money. Why not? I don’t print money…” Su Yu rebutted.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to eat my noodles. Haha.”

“Go. You should eat more now that you’re pregnant. I hope that this baby is chubbier than the twins’ when he’s born. Ha!”

Su Yu and Huo Mian happily chatted in her post’s comment section.

Huo Mian put down her phone and was ready to eat her noodles.

Qin Chu was in a navy blue robe with a warm glass of water in his hand.

“I want soda!”


Huo Mian pouted.

“You can only have warm water now. Be good,” Qin Chu coaxed.


“Be good. Just bear it for now.”

“It’s not just now. He’s only two months old… There still a long way to go. I don’t care! I want soda.”

“There’s a lot of preservatives in soda. How about I make you fresh juice?” Qin Chu suggested after some careful thought.

“Okay, that’ll work.” Huo Mian smiled.

“What drink do you want? Apple or watermelon?”

“Kiwi’s fine. I can get lots of vitamin C from it,” Huo Mian pointed out.

“Honey, should our baby’s nickname be Shi’er?” (Editor’s note: Shi’er in Chinese means creating more problems than necessary)

“Shi’er? Why? That’s such a weird name?” Huo Mian asked with surprise.

Just when she was thinking why Qin Chu would make up such a weird name, Qin Chu said, “Because you’re Shi’er’s mother.” (Editor’s note: this means the mother of creating problems.)

“Damn it… You’re roasting me again!” Huo Mian suddenly realized that Qin Chu was roasting her again.

Qin Chu had roasted her for a long time over the fact that she was a virgo.

“I’m just teasing you. Okay, eat your noodles now. I’ll make you juice.”

Qin Chu was completely Huo Mian’s servant right now.

Huo Mian woke up at 3 AM and complained she was hungry and wanted hot noodles.

Qin Chu dressed up and made her noodles. When she said she wanted juice, he was going to squeeze fresh juice for her.

Pregnant women were demanding but Qin Chu felt happy as long as Huo Mian was.

He regretted that they weren’t together when she was pregnant with the twins, even though they were forced to separate.

Now that he was given a second chance, he obviously valued the opportunity to see his baby be born.

Huo Mian felt warm and cared for while she watched Qin Chu’s figure preparing juice for her.

Qin Chu was a man of action. He would always show that he loved you through his actions. Who wouldn’t be happy with such a man by her side for life?

Even though it was only Huo Mian’s second month of pregnancy, Huo Mian already had morning sickness and ate a lot more.

She often had snacks when she was hungry.

Meanwhile, Zhang Manlin arrived at the employee’s dormitory. She was still rattled.

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