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(Dark Night Before Dawn (8)

“Then switch cars.”

“But the RV is too big. I’m worried that it’ll be difficult to gauge the distance from other cars, and it’ll be harder to maneuver,” Huo Mian argued forcefully.

“Who told you to drive yourself?”

“What else would I do?” Huo Mian was a little surprised.

“You could get a driver…”

“My God… so starting tomorrow, a driver is going to pick me up and drop me off from work?” Huo Mian was stunned.

“There will also be two bodyguards in the car,” Qin Chu added.

Huo Mian was speechless.

“So do you want to reconsider quitting?”

“No, there’s absolutely no way. A driver it is then. But don’t you think bodyguards are a little over the top?” Huo Mian felt awkward.

“Are you more concerned about feeling awkward or the safety of our baby?” Qin Chu retorted.

“Alright then, you win.”

In just a few sentences, Mr. Qin was able to convince Huo Mian and pry her sports car away from her.

Instead, she would ride in a luxury RV with a driver and bodyguards. With all this pomp, you’d think she was the mayor.

“Sweetheart, with all of this, don’t you think Huo Siqian will suspect something is up? If he finds out that I’m pregnant, I’m worried…”

“Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll handle everything.” Qin Chu tightly squeezed Huo Mian’s hand.

“Uh-huh.” Huo Mian nodded and her heart warmed.

She believed that, as long as he said so, he would have thought of everything.

“Dear, tomorrow is the case. Are you sure we don’t have to attend the trial?”

“I’m sure.”

“And what about Huo Yanyan’s lawyer? Have you already made the arrangements?” Huo Mian asked.

“Made the arrangements? Hehe… you can say so.” Qin Chu downturned the corners of his mouth and didn’t say another word.

Huo Mian felt a little bit weary…

She leaned on Qin Chu’s shoulder and began to fall asleep.



“What should we name the baby?”

“We’ll figure it out as soon as they’re born.”

“When the time comes, we have to have a one-month party. Huh, we haven’t even had a wedding reception yet, haha…”

“I will definitely give you a wedding… Definitely.”

Qin Chu reached out and brushed aside the bangs on her forehead.

“Uh-huh, I’m waiting… I’m waiting for that day, no matter how late. Even if I’m sixty years old, I want to tell the whole world that I’m your wife.”

Huo Mian was really drowsy. As soon as she said this, she drifted off to sleep.

“You won’t have to wait until your sixty years old, Mian… As soon as we take care of Huo Siqian, we will have a wedding. I’ll drape the entire city in red silk to let everyone know that I, Qin Chu, have taken Huo Mian as my bride,” Qin Chu spoke softly so that he wouldn’t wake her up.

It was a pity that Huo Mian was sleeping so soundly that she couldn’t hear him.

“Daddy, you wait until Mommy is already asleep before you express your feelings. That’s no good.” Pudding had woken up at some point, and she leaned over from the back seat.

“Eavesdropping on Daddy, that’s no good either.”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping, I was outright listening. Daddy, when Mommy was pregnant with us last time, you didn’t keep her company. This time, you have to really protect her,” Pudding said.

“Definitely.” Qin Chu nodded, gently squeezing his wife’s hand.

“Actually, Mommy doesn’t have it easy. Everyone thinks that because she is intelligent she’s not afraid. The fact is she’s very fragile, and not as strong as everyone thinks…”

“Of course, in my eyes, your mommy will always be a little girl, just like the first time I saw her.” Qin Chu smiled warmly.

“No wonder they say that the best love is when you spoil her as a child, and she worships you like a hero,” Pudding exclaimed.

– Late Night, First Hospital Cosmetic Surgery Ward –

Zhang Manlin suddenly awoke from her sleep. At this time, she realized that there was a dark shadow standing just outside the entrance.

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