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(Dark Night Before Dawn (4)

“With your mouth, we don’t even have to ask. You’ll just spit everything out anyways,” laughed Su Yu.

At this time, the waitress knocked on the door and came in to serve the food.

“Hey, the food is here. Good timing. Let’s eat and chat. Little Bean and Pudding, I ordered small portions for you guys separately. Am I being thoughtful enough?” Tang Chuan raised his voice and asked the twins who were playing off to the side.

“Yes, it’s pretty good!” said Little Bean with a thumbs up.

“Come over and call me Uncle.” Tang Chuan beckoned with his finger.

“Don’t even think about it! Just one meal and you want us to call you uncle? You’re not a grown-up at all,” said Little Bean.

“He’s still a kid so don’t stoop to the same level as him. Let’s continue playing,” said Pudding with a mature tone, while playing Gomoku with Wei Yunchu.

Tang Chuan was speechless.

“Hahaha, this time, it’s you who looks dumb!” Qin Ning couldn’t help laughing.

“You think the two babies in my family are this easy to fool?” Huo Mian laughed as well.

“Are you sure you’re not asking to lose by trying to outsmart them?” Zhu Lingling joked.

“Alright fine. I lost. Just pretend I didn’t say all that. Let’s continue the topic we were talking about before. Friends, this is huge news. You’ll all be surprised when you hear it.” Tang Chuan intentionally tried to arouse everyone’s curiosity.

“You ordered so much food, Mr. Tang. You’re really paying a lot tonight.” Wei Liao chuckled at the variety of dishes on the table.

“What the… are you guys going to listen to me or not?” Tang Chuan looked helpless.

Seeing that no one was cooperating with him, Tang Chuan looked towards Qin Chu. “Brother, come on, you have the most authority. Help me out, just ask me.” Tang Chuan couldn’t do anything but resort to Qin Chu, who had been silent most of the time.

Qin Chu reading some important reports from the company on his phone, but he was also paying attention to what Tang Chuan said and clearly heard every single word.

“So what is the big gossip you’ve heard?” Qin Chu asked unexpectedly.

“Really? My cousin actually helped you out? That’s rare.” Qin Ning patted Tang Chuan on the shoulder.

Tang Chuan immediately got excited and did the ancient kungfu salute with palm to fist, “Thank you, brother! Friends, here’s what happened. Isn’t the hearing of Shen Jiani’s case approaching?”

“Yeah, then?” asked Gao Ran.

“Huo Yanyan has been looking for lawyers recently but most lawyers don’t want to accept this case because they don’t want to go against us”.

“Stop the useless part, move on to the critical part.” Jiang Xiaowei laughed while reaching out for some food.

“Don’t worry Sis-in-Law Wei. Here’s the most important part. So Huo Yanyan made a deal in private with a lawyer. Not only did she need to pay a million as the attorney fee, but she also needed to have sex with him. Haha.”

“Really? This sounds impossible. A million makes sense, but I don’t think having sex makes sense. Besides, would she dare do it? Would Mr. Shen let her do that?” Jiang Xiaowei shook her head.

“Sis-in-Law Wei, here’s something you don’t know. What happened that day, you weren’t there, and Mr. Su probably didn’t illustrate it for you.”

“Illustrate what?” Jiang Xiaowei was confused.

“That day, in the middle of the night, Huo Yanyan went to look for Shen Mingxi at the club. I was there with Mr. Su too. The two of them got into a huge fight and broke up. And according to what I heard, Shen Mingxi actually has been living in the Shen Family House since that day and hasn’t seen her at all. Shen Mingxi is not dumb, either. What happened this time, he would rather not be together with Huo Yanyan than help Shen Jiani. After all, he can’t afford to offend neither Mr. Su or my big brother-in-law, right?”

“Really? Then Huo Yanyan really sacrificed a lot. But what I’m more curious about is which law firm dared to accept this case.” Zhu Lingling couldn’t help but ask.

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