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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (9)

“No. What? You want to introduce someone to me?”


“Why did you ask then?”

“To show my concern.”

“If you care for me, divorce Qin Chu and marry me.”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Ha. I’m kidding.”

“I know.”

“Um, that’s all you wanted to say to me?”

“That’s all.” Seeing Su Yu’s dislike of reality shows, Huo Mian decided not to bring up the topic, knowing he would refuse anyway.

“Okay. I just got a free meal from Doctor Huo.”

“You’re welcome to have free meals here with me anytime.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Fine. You go back to your work, I will get going now…”


“By the way, I just remembered something.” Su Yun walked a few steps and then turned his head as he remembered something.


“In three days, Huo Yanyan’s mother Shen Jiani’s case will be heard, right?”


“Will you and Qin Chu attend the trial?” Su Yu asked.

“No. One of my surgeries is scheduled three days later; besides, Qin Chu said I don’t need to go, and he won’t go, either.”

“Then it seems Qin Chu has arranged everything. Otherwise, I’d help you get rid of that scum.”

“It’s not necessary. Mr. Qin has arranged it.”

“Okay. I’m sure Qin Chu has everything under control.”

Su Yu nodded and left with his car key in his hand.

They just had lunch together, and Huo Mian didn’t talk about the thing she had planned to say.

Zhang Manlin stayed in the First Hospital. Ever since she was delivered to the hospital, no one but people from the company visited her.

She didn’t have any friends and looked especially lonely at this time.

It was the afternoon when the twins came to the First Hospital with their chauffeur and bodyguard.

Pudding meant to go directly but Little Bean insisted on buying a bouquet of chrysanthemum; the yellow and white flowers looked beautiful but a bit creepy too.

The twins entered Zhang Manlin’s ward without even knocking.

“Who is it?” She turned around, her face covered in bandages.

“My goodness! Aunt Zhang… You look like a mummy…” Little Bean ran over and exclaimed in faked surprise.

“What are you doing here?” With no other people in the room, Zhang Manlin didn’t sound friendly.

She didn’t like the twins and had even wanted to get them killed.

“Of course, we’re here to see you. We heard something happened to you… What happened? Why is your face in bandages? Did someone beat you so hard that your face swelled into a pig head?” Little Bean tried hard to suppress her mirth.


Before Zhang Manlin could say anything, Pudding immediately said, “Miss Zhang, seeing your condition, I finally believe the saying—what goes around comes around.”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Manlin struggled to sit up and yelled at the two kids.

“You know what I meant. Don’t pretend you don’t since there are no other people in the room. When we were in the depth of the mountains, you betrayed us to protect yourself. I’m sure you know very well what you did.”

“I… Fine. I finally understand your scheme. I wondered why you were so good as to ask me to work in the company and even told your Dad that I saved you. It was all nothing but a trap.”

Sudden understanding dawned on her.

“My goodness. You didn’t understand it until now… I’m worried about your intelligence.” Little Bean smiled as she covered her mouth.

Pudding looked at Zhang Manlin coolly and said, “There’s only one step between good and evil. Miss Zhang, if you delivered us directly to my Dad after helping us out of Taoyuan Village, nothing would have happened to you. Unfortunately, you couldn’t control your greed and wanted to use us to gain some benefits. This is why you ended up like this.”

“Then Qin Chu knows everything. It’s nothing but a drama staged by you girls and your father, right?” Zhang Manlin was humiliated and infuriated when she found out the truth.



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