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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (1)

“Before, I never thought that this woman can be that stupid. Now I realized, she actually can be,” Huo Siqian commented.

“I had a feeling she couldn’t be counted on. Seeing that smitten look in her eyes when she looks at Qin Chu, I thought to myself: how could she still take care of things for you on this end?” Ah-Cheng was furious.

“It looks like the past five years I’ve spent on her was all for nothing.” Huo Siqian smiled.

Qin Chu’s office was bugged, so Huo Siqian heard all of Zhang Manlin’s remarks to Qin Chu crystal-clear.

Ah-Cheng also heard everything clearly. He was so angry that he wanted to slaughter that bitch right at that moment.

The child that Ah-Cheng adopted was actually the orphan of a couple who died after he ran into them while driving drunk a few years ago. It was not someone’s illegitimate daughter.

It was only because while working with Huo Siqian, he was drifting around quite a bit, so he didn’t have a stable home. That was why he chose to have the child continue to live at the orphanage.

He went to visit once a month. The child was still young and didn’t know anything, but Zhang Manlin accidentally became aware of this secret.

It became a way for her to curry favor with Qin Chu. It was absolutely sickening.

Ah-Cheng never specifically brought up the adoption of the child to Huo Siqian, but he wasn’t hiding anything from his boss. The main thing was that Huo Siqian did not ask.

“Boss, I think that even if you can’t just get rid of her, you have to teach her a lesson. You trained her for five years. Now, she’s turned her back on her master. She revealed the location of our warehouse location to Qin Chu. Not only was she trying to get on the enemy’s good side, she told Qin Chu to kill us off. This woman has no conscience whatsoever.”

“Yeah, five years, that’s a long time. Even a dog wouldn’t turn its back on its owner, right?” Huo Siqian said.

“So, I’m asking you to give me the go-ahead. ”

“Alright, then. Be swift about it, but don’t let her die, that would be too easy on her. I don’t want her to get off that easily.”

“Got it, Boss. Leave it up to me.”

Seeing that Huo Siqian had agreed, Ah-Cheng rolled up his sleeves. Finally, he could take care of that bitch Zhang Manlin.

– South Side –

Huo Mian called for a morning meeting and she was feeling dizzy. Since she was pregnant with her second child, she was especially tired.

From time to time, her eyes would go blurry and her head would feel dizzy.

However, it was true that Director Wu didn’t come into work very much. The major issues were all handled by Huo Mian.

It was not easy to manage such a large hospital. Huo Mian was also a typical Virgo workaholic.

She was very strong-willed, and she always wanted to live up to the director’s trust. She always wanted to do better.

For three consecutive years, South Side had been declared the most outstanding rehabilitation center in the country. As its reputation grew, the number of patients continued to increase, and so did Huo Mian’s workload.

“Vice Director, someone is looking for you,” a small nurse ran over and notified her.

“Where are they?”

“In the consultation hall on the first floor.”

“Okay, I’ll go and see.”

Huo Mian was wearing a white coat and holding a book she used when doing her ward rounds. Her youthful face was always calm and collected.

No one would have thought that such a young woman was actually the Vice Director of South Side and had a long-standing reputation in the medical profession.

“Mama Su?” Seeing Su Yu’s mother, Huo Mian’s heart warmed.

Work had been busy recently, so most of the time Su Yu would take the twins back to the Su Household to eat.

On the other hand, she and Qin Chu had been going less and less.

“Mian, I hope I’m not getting in the way of your work, am I?” Mrs. Su asked gently.

“Not at all, Mama Su. Come upstairs with me and have a seat. Long time no see! I’ve missed you!”

“Did you see? Is that lady Mr. Su’s mother? She really is beautiful,” several little nurses whispered behind them.



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