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(Creepy Wedding (11)

“I’m stepping over the line? Shen Mingxi, let me put this straight. Who do you think is being more unbelievable between the two of us? At first, you betrayed me by telling Su Yu about my mother just to reconcile with him. Did I blame you? When I begged you to help me, what did you do? Your wife is begging everyone like she’s a peasant! She’s been trying so desperately to find a lawyer. What are you doing while she’s doing all that? You’re here having fun and drinking with prostitutes?!” Huo Yanyan had become hotheaded and irrational, and she criticized Shen Mingxi publicly.

“Drinking with prostitutes? You’re saying I’m drinking with prostitutes?” Shen Mingxi scoffed.

He was attending a rich acquaintance’s birthday party but Huo Yanyan accused him of drinking with prostitutes.

“Yeah! If I didn’t see a woman post on WeChat, I wouldn’t even know you were hooking up here. No wonder you didn’t pick up my phone calls. You’re just with Mr. Su,” she said. Then she looked at Su Yu.

“Huo Yanyan, this is between you and Shen Mingxi. Don’t drag our Mr. Su into this…” Tang Chuan rebutted since he was best friends with Su Yu and he would never let anyone slander him. That was why when Huo Yanyan blamed Su Yu, Tang Chuan got slightly angry while Su Yu remained silent. Su Yu honestly couldn’t care less…

“We can talk when we’re home.”

Shen Mingxi was rather embarrassed so he pulled Huo Yanyan by the arm to try to lead her out but she swung her hand away.

She looked around the room and said, “No. I will tell everyone here. Shen Mingxi, I’m going to ask you one last time. Are you going to help me? My mother’s my only family left. Do you have the heart to watch me become an orphan? You said you love me but how much is your love worth?” Huo Yanyan wanted to force Shen Mingxi to a corner now, and then she could just apologize to him later for causing such trouble.

But, she didn’t think that Shen Mingxi absolutely couldn’t tolerate being embarrassed in front of so many people.

“Are you done?” Shen Mingxi took a deep breath and stared at Huo Yanyan indifferently.

“I only need one simple response. Is it that hard?” Huo Yanyan did not let go.

“Okay. You want my response right? Then let me tell you that I will not help. Never… I don’t care if your mother’s dead or alive. Moreover, she deserves to die. She brought it all upon herself and does not deserve my help,” Shen Mingxi said directly.

Everyone gasped at this scene and some even “woo”ed.

“Hehe, fine. You can protect your interests. You’re just a coward who’s afraid of Qin Chu and Su Yu!” Huo Yanyan was becoming more and more malicious. Each word was like a knife stabbing into Shen Mingxi’s heart. It was the first time in his life that he felt such pain that he couldn’t breathe.

Tang Chuan was watching all this like a show. “Haha, this is my first time seeing a woman bring misfortune upon herself in live-action. This is so exciting…”

“Huo Yanyan’s actions will only push both of them to dead ends…” Su Yu calmly analyzed.

As expected, Shen Mingxi looked at Huo Yanyan with disappointment and said, “Yes, I’m afraid of Qin Chu and Yu. I’m protecting my own interests and thus I’m not helping your mother. So what? If you’re that great, you can figure it out yourself. You don’t need me so you don’t need to bother me again. Honestly, though, I never want to see you again!”

“What did you just say? Shen Mingxi, I dare you to repeat that…” Huo Yanyan stared at Shen Mingxi with bemusement and astonishment.

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