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(Creepy Wedding (5)

“No, no,” Huo Siqian rushed to deny it. Whenever he heard Ian say Huo Mian’s name, he would become petrified.

“That’s weird. I thought you loved that little sister of yours?” Ian said.

“I’m getting married to the mayor’s daughter,” Huo Siqian explained.

“Oh, so marriage for power… Not bad. Suits your personality,” Ian praised.

“Do you agree then, Master?”

“Yes. I’ll give you one more week.” From Ian’s perspective, one more week did not mean much to him.

He never expected that this one week of additional time would allow Huo Siqian to do a lot… Huo Siqian had planned this move for so many years and only he knew what this scheme consisted of.

“Thank you for your generosity, Master,” Huo Siqian said with relief.

After hanging up the phone, Huo Siqian looked down.

“Boss, about the wedding…” Ah-Cheng asked cautiously.

“Follow the original plan…”

“Okay.” Ah-Cheng nodded and left the room.

– At the headquarters of the GK Corporation –

Every time Zhixin saw the woman that looked like his sister, he would want to throw up.

He knew that she was able to get a job here because she saved the twins.

She even replaced Yang’s position. Many people were not a fan of that.

People at the office spread rumors that Zhang Manlin was President Qin’s mistress. Otherwise, she would not be able to land the important position of his personal assistant.

Bella and Zhixin were very uncomfortable but helpless when they heard the chatter.

“Hey, Director Jing,” Zhang Manlin greeted Zhixin after work.

Zhixin pretended he didn’t see her and walked right past her.

Zhang Manlin felt a bit awkward but continued to put on a smile.

She was holding a Michael Kors handbag and was in high heels. Her style of walking was very flirtatious.

The female employees nearby started to gossip in a low voice.

“I don’t understand why President Qin would like someone like her.”

“Yeah. They say she looks like Mrs. Qin but how? Look at her? She looks so unnatural. Her eyes also look like she’s a vixen. Look at how she walks, the way her hips swing. You can tell from afar that she’s no simple character.”

“I think so too. I heard Bella and Director Jing both hate her. They never talk to her but she’s so thick-skinned that she pretends she’s close with them.”

“Yeah. That woman really is shameless.”

Zhang Shubao was the security guard there, so he heard the gossip and felt very bad.

He wanted to protect Zhang Manlin but felt he shouldn’t interfere as Zhang Manlin did not want to disclose their relationship.

However, if he didn’t speak up, everyone would continue talking behind her back. He felt very distressed.

When Zhang Manlin walked out, Zhang Shubao went over to greet her. However, before he could say anything, Zhang Manlin glared at him. He immediately backed up.

In order to get to work more conveniently, Zhang Manlin moved out of her old place and moved into the female dormitory of the GK Corporation.

It was rare that she could get off work early. She planned to buy some pretty clothes so she could wear it to work for Qin Chu to see.

At a corner of a mall, Zhang Manlin was surrounded.

“You f*cking b*tch, you’re comfortable now, are you? How does it feel to betray our boss?” the man said as he tightly squeezed Zhang Manlin’s neck.

“Big brother Cheng…” Zhang Manlin was scared when she saw Ah-Cheng, Huo Siqian’s loyal subordinate.

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