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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (8)

“So what? We can set the story in a fictional background instead of the Qing Dynasty.”

“Okay. You win.”

“Anyway, I must let Pudding and Little Bean enjoy themselves. Yesterday, I took the two kids for tryouts; they are super good. You can’t imagine how cute they were after putting on the make-up.”

Su Yu seemed to be in a good mood and continued telling Huo Mian the things that were happening in his company.

Seeing how busy Su Yu was, Huo Mian wondered if it was a good time to bring up the dating show.

But, remembering Mrs. Su’s request, she decided to give it a try.

“Huh, what do you think of reality shows?”

“Reality shows? They are quite in. Many celebrities even forgo TV series and movies for shows. It’s said an A-list male star joined a reality show last year for 48 million. It’s easy money.” Su Yu commented as the boss of a movie and television production company.

“Then did you…ever think of going to a reality show yourself?” Huo Mian continued to test the waters.

“Me?” Su Yu froze.

“Haha. Are you kidding? Those are for celebrities. I’m the boss of a company, why should I do that? I don’t want fans or stardom anyway.”

“No. I watched a parent and child program the year before last and saw the boss of a movie and television company take his son to the show. I think it’s interesting. You can try it and give yourself some new experiences.”

“Forget it. Do you know why they call them reality shows? Because they are just shows, and not real. So don’t take them seriously. Some TV stations make celebrities pretend to be couples just to get attention. Some hype the pink news of the stars and even use kids as publicity stunts. They are so disgusting that they would do anything for ratings and money. Besides, the reality shows all have scripts, and everything is done according to the scripts. There’s a dating show lately and I don’t know if you watched it or not. They got an A-list female star and a C-list male star to pretend to be lovers, but they received little attention. Shortly afterward, the female star declared her marriage to another male star. That was a total failure. I think they are disgusting, really. I don’t even encourage my staff to participate in reality shows because their acting skills will go rusty if they attend too many such shows. The essence of being an actor or actress is acting, not sitting there as eye candy. The audience wants to be immersed in TV series and doesn’t want to be brought out of the story by poor acting skills. Do you understand me?”

“Um… President Su, you’re right. I learned a lot.” Huo Mian was dumbfounded.

She had never seen Su Yu give such a long lecture about his field, and his expression was super cute.

“Well, forgive me for my lapse. I always give such lectures to my staff. Don’t take it to heart.”

“No. It was just an idea.”

“How come you brought up reality shows all of a sudden? You even know the details of them. Do you…plan on getting Qin Chu to take the kids to some parent and child reality show?” Su Yu laughed.

“Of course not. You know Mr. Qin, do you think he’d agree to do that?” Huo Mian immediately shook her head.

“Are you planning to ask me to take the twins to a parent and child show?”

“Haha! No! Don’t overthink it…” Huo Mian burst into laughter at Su Yu’s wild imagination.

“Then what’s the thing you wanted to talk to me about?” Su Yu finished eating and dabbed his lips with a napkin.

“I…I wanted to ask if you are seeing someone lately,” Huo Mian said with an awkward smile.



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