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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (7)

“Did… he? But I don’t know this person…” Zhang Manlin tried to remain calm.

“You don’t know Zhang Shubao?” Qin Chu asked.

“No… This name… Hehe… I haven’t heard of it before… President Qin, did you hear it right? Did that guy really say he knows me? Maybe he referred to someone with the same name as mine?”

Qin Chu felt sick as he looked at Zhang Manlin’s feigned innocence. However, he went along with her lie.

“Oh. If you say so… that’s all; you can go now.”

“Okay, President Qin.”

With a smile, Zhang Manlin turned and left the president’s office. The moment she was out of the room, she cursed through her gritted teeth, “Despicable ass! He even dared to talk to President Qin… No! I can’t allow him to continue tattling on me!”

She pretended to work late at GK until the night and went to the security room when everyone else had gone.

Out of those bandits, only Zhang Shubao came here to work as a security guard and was very close to her; the others were said to be working in the logistics company or the real estate branch.

“Looking for someone?” At the door of the security room, a young security guard asked her curiously when he saw the woman loitering at the entrance.

“Is Zhang Shubao here?”

“Zhang Shubao? Oh, the new guard. He’s doing rounds on the eighth floor. You can find him there.”


Suppressing her impatience, Zhang Manlin rode the elevator to the eighth floor.

Sure enough, from the distance she saw Zhang Shubao, dressed in the security’s uniform, standing in the corridor.

“How come you’re here?” Seeing Zhang Manlin, Trickster was delighted and sounded pleasantly surprised.

“Come this way. I want to talk to you.”

Zhang Manlin pointed at the staircase; after all, this was Qin Chu’s territory and she didn’t want to be seen by the surveillance cameras.

She didn’t know that Qin Chu knew she was meeting Zhang Shubao privately.

Obediently, Zhang Shubao went to her.

“Why are you working here?” Zhang Manlin looked at the guy before her in disdain.

“Isn’t it nice? This company pays me well and this is the only work I can do. Different from you, I don’t have a high education background and can only be a security guard. President Qin is a nice guy and arranged my work without a fuss. The pay and benefits are pretty good.”

“Did you tell President Qin… that you know me?” Zhang Manlin went to the point.

“Yeah… I wanted to be close to you. When President Qin asked me what kind of work I wanted to do, I just…”


Zhang Manlin slapped Zhang Shubao on the face; he was shocked as his cheek stung with a burning sensation.

“You peasant! Do you want to get yourself killed? Didn’t I tell you not to tell anyone about our relationship?” Zhang Manlin yelled.

“I didn’t mention that incident… I just told him that we knew each other, and I like you…”

“Not even that. You can’t say you know me… Now that you have money, an apartment, and a car, you can go back to your village and live your own life now. The money can last you for a lifetime, so why are you staying here and harassing me…” Zhang Manlin was pale in fury.

“I…” Zhang Shubao didn’t know how to answer her.

He didn’t know why he stayed here. Ever since the people in the village heard about his fortune, many of them came to his home to do matchmaking for him.

But he just couldn’t forget the woman he had slept with in that cellar as if he was bewitched.

“Why can’t you be my woman?” Zhang Shubao didn’t understand why this woman became so vicious towards him now that he had gotten money.

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