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(My Wife is a Genius (2)

“President Su…” Nie Lingxuan was wearing an elegant long dress with a short black leather jacket.

Her long hair had also been slightly curled. She was now the top female star at Imperial Star Entertainment and although she was very famous, she was still the most low-profile star.

No matter how famous she was, she remained humble and never seemed haughty.

“Come in. Don’t just stand there.”

Su Yu opened the door and let Nie Lingxuan in.

He half-jokingly said, “Did you get the media to follow you?”

Before, Zhao Qingya and Jian Tong would use such tactics to create some opportunities to leak photos to the public in an attempt to show that they had an intimate relationship with Su Yu.

Su Yu never admitted to those scandals but those women who yearned to climb up would use such manipulative methods.

“Huh?” Nie Lingxuan looked very confused when Su Yu asked her that.

She obviously didn’t do anything to that extent. She looked even slightly surprised.

“No worries. I’m just joking with you,” Su Yu said casually.

Once Nie Lingxuan came in, she put the fruit basket she was holding onto the coffee table.

“President Su, I heard about the incident with the twins. I know you love those two kids so you must be very worried and you probably haven’t eaten much. I didn’t buy anything fancy but I passed by a fruit store on my way here so I bought you some.”

“Thank you,” Su Yu said as he walked towards his fridge to get a can of coke for Nie Lingxuan.

“Have you been filming anything recently?” Su Yu hadn’t been to the office for a while nor did he normally pay much attention to his company’s artists’ schedules.

“Yeah. I just finished filming one so now I’m taking a break…”

“Ah, that sounds good.” Su Yu nodded and took out his phone. He had been following the conversation in his WeChat group about the twins. Everyone was talking about the twins.

Jiang Xiaowei said Wei Yunchu had been very depressed recently because they missed Pudding dearly.

Zhu Lingling said that if they couldn’t find Little Bean anytime soon, their son was going to blame it on his father as a useless director. He said he wouldn’t let Gao Ran home for dinner. Gao Ran was in a very difficult position.

Su Yu sent out a laughing-out-tears emoji.

“President Su, have you had dinner yet?” Nie Lingxuan looked over at Su Yu and nervously asked.

“No. I’m not hungry,” Su Yu answered without hesitation.

“Do you have anything in your fridge? I can make you something.”

“It’s alright. If I’m ever hungry, I can call delivery.”

“Delivery is not healthy for you. Let me do it. I’m free anyway.”

Then, she stood up and walked towards the fridge. She opened it and realized it was fairly empty.

Finally, she found a bag of instant noodles, some smoked ham, and spam.

She quietly went into the kitchen…

Nie Lingxuan didn’t have much of a presence in front of Su Yu.

He was simply fiddling with his phone and almost forgot she was there.

Only when she put the plate of noodles in front of him did he realize she was still in his home. The noodles smelled really good.

“What is this?”

“Stir-fried instant noodles.”

“You can stir-fry instant noodles?” Su Yu asked with surprise.

He had instant noodles at his place because Tang Chuan was hungry late at night one time and he had the supermarket downstairs send a pack up.

Su Yu usually ate out and he also normally didn’t enjoy instant noodles.

To his surprise, this packet of instant noodles became such a mouth salivating dish in Nie Lingxuan’s hands.

“Try it. I learned it from my mother. My little sister and I both love this.” Nie Lingxuan smiled.

Su Yu nodded. He picked up the chopsticks and took a big bite.

“How is it, President Su?”

“Yeah, it’s good.” Su Yu nodded and continued to eat.

In some mountain, Pudding calculated the time. She looked at Zhang Manlin and asked with an icy tone, “How long till we get to Qinghe Town?”



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