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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (9)

“Huh? Who do you think you are to be speaking to our big brother like this?” Trickster saw that the man who took the lead was being very arrogant and domineering.

He immediately felt that he was being disrespected. The most important thing to these little gangsters was that they were given face.

Trickster felt that Big Brother Hai had been seriously insulted.

Therefore, without thinking much, he rushed directly at Su Yu and swung at him, but his fist didn’t even get to touch Su Yu.

Before he knew it, a pistol was already pressed against his temple.

An’s expression was very calm, and the silver pistol in his hand was as cold as his demeanor.

Dealing with this kind of riff-raff was a piece of cake for an outstanding bodyguard like An.

“Huh? Boss has something he wants to discuss with you, ha…” The expression on Trickster immediately changed.

“Who the hell wants to have a discussion with you? Have the children brought out to me quickly, or I will start killing one every second.” Su Yu had an explosive temper.

In recent years, from the time he began to like Huo Mian, he had developed more restraint, and his personality became more gentle.

But that didn’t mean his temper was gone. After all, a lion was still fierce by nature. He treasured the twins like they were his own. Now that he saw these kidnappers, he was naturally burning with anger.

“Hurry up, bring the children out.” Big Brother Hai could tell that the man who had come wasn’t really a man of reason. He couldn’t bring himself to ask again if he was the father of the children.

He hurriedly had one of his men go and bring out the twins.

Little Bean and Pudding emerged and ran over. They were bursting with excitement.

Because they knew that someone must have come to pick them up.

“Sis, look! It’s Handsome Su!” When Little Bean saw Su Yu from afar, she was overcome with emotion.

She lifted up her chubby little hand and pointed at Su Yu.

“I see him.” Pudding was still very calm.

The two sisters sprinted towards Su Yu and rushed directly into his arms.

“Handsome Su, I missed you so much, hehe… I thought I would never see you again.” Little Bean was more emotional, and with this kind of scenario, it was difficult not to burst into tears.

Pudding thought she could control herself, but the moment she rushed into Su Yu’s arms, she still couldn’t hold back, and the tears burst forth.

The only thing was that she didn’t express her emotions as overtly as Little Bean. She just let her tears silently fall.

Su Yu was moved by two children, so his eyes also began to turn red, but he was such a big man. How could he cry in front of so many people?

Therefore, Su Yu raised his head and held the twins tightly.

“Everything’s okay, it’s all over now. Don’t be scared… Uncle Su Yu is so sorry that he came so late.” Su Yu blamed himself for not locating the children sooner.

“It’s not too late, you came at just the right time…” Little Bean was holding onto Su Yu’s neck.

“Handsome Su, did you receive a phone call?” Pudding asked when she regained her senses.

“Your father called me and gave me the address to pick you two up.”

“Then what about Daddy and Mommy?” Little Bean looked around for them.

“They are taking care of some things in Taoyuan town. They are on their way over so they should be here any minute,” Su Yu said.

“Handsome Su… did you miss me?” Pudding rubbed Su Yu’s face with the tip of her nose, covering it with snot.

Su Yu didn’t even move away and smiled warmly. “Yes, I missed you every day.”

“So did you miss me a little more, or did you miss my sister a little more?” Little Bean asked.

“Uh… here we go again…” Every time Su Yu was asked this, he would panic.

“Qin Mumu, that’s enough. Is this the time for jokes?” Pudding gave her a look.

“Pudding, Little Bean, the two of you value love over friendship. The only person you think about is Handsome Su, is that right?” Qin Ning got out from the back of the police car, followed by Tang Chuan.



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