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(My Wife is a Genius (1)

“Yeah. What if I threaten you? So what? What are you going to do about it?” Lu Yan said arrogantly.

She thought that Qiao Fei wouldn’t do anything physical to her because he was a cool person.

To her surprise, Qiao Fei bit her lips. To be more precise, he sucked them.

“Qiao Fei, you… What are you doing? How dare you actually bite me… You… Uh… Mhm…” Lu Yan pushed Qiao Fei away but he quickly pulled her back into his arms.

Iceland was a winter wonderland all year round. They were surrounded by vast whiteness. Amongst this beautiful scenery, the two cuddled closely.

After five minutes, Lu Yan pushed away Qiao Fei and breathed heavily. “God damn! I’m almost out of breath…”

“Yan, why don’t we go to Las Vegas?”

“Why do we want to go to a gambling city? Do you want to gamble?”

“No. We should get married.”

“What?” Lu Yan was once again surprised.

She almost choked and fell.

“You… Do you have a fever? What nonsense are you speaking of?” Lu Yan stuttered. She was obviously not confident.

“I don’t have a fever. I’m very serious. We’re going to be together forever so why don’t we get married?”

“Um…” Lu Yan didn’t know how to respond.

“We can do the wedding later when we have the opportunity to go back to China. We can do it with your sister. I heard your sister and Chu haven’t had a wedding yet either…”

“Yeah. My sister didn’t have a wedding.”

“So do you want to get married to me?”

“You don’t have anything. Are you going to propose to me like this?” Lu Yan laughed but was also slightly annoyed.

Qiao Fei looked calmly at Lu Yan and said confidently, “Yeah. I don’t have anything and that’s the way I am. I’m with you every day. I eat and drink your food. I live in your place and I use your money. I’m such a dependent man but do you want to marry me?”

“Haha… You sure are straight… Do you have any dignity?” Lu Yan laughed.

“Skip the bullsh*t. Do you want to marry me?” Qiao Fei directly asked.

“Psh… Why don’t we have a bet? If you win, I’ll marry you. If you lose, go away…” Lu Yan responded.

“Boring…” Qiao Fei got up from the ground. He patted down the snow on his body and ignored Lu Yan.

They had never mentioned getting married in Las Vegas before.

Lu Yan had ordered her people to protect Huo Mian and her children in China but the twins were now kidnapped.

Lu Yan’s subordinates were nervous and tried to connect with her but they couldn’t reach her.

This was because every time Lu Yan came to the ice cave to see her mother, she would not bring any digital devices.

She was afraid that Ian would take advantage of every opportunity to get to them. Since he couldn’t find her father, she was afraid he would try to find her mother’s body.

In order to prevent leaking any clues, Lu Yan would disappear from the grid completely. That was why she did not know the twins were lost.

– In China at Su Yu’s private mansion –

“Mom, I know you’re anxious too. I think the twins will be back soon.”

Su Yu gave a long sigh after a call with his mother. He was lying down on the sofa with his eyes closed.

He had been really tired for the last few days… He couldn’t eat well or even drink water properly.

Just then, his doorbell rang.

He thought it was Tang Chuan so as he went to open the door, he cursed, “Why the f*ck can’t you just let me have a nice good night of sleep?”

He was surprised when he opened the door and saw the person in front of him.

“Oh… it’s you…”


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