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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (8)

“Mian, sorry. I’m really sorry. I can apologize to you for my mom one thousand times. No, one million times!” Huo Yanyan still tried to help her mom get a slim light of hope.

“You don’t need to apologize to me. Saying sorry only makes you feel better, not me,” Huo Mian glared and said.

“Mian. You’re also a mother. How can you be so bleak?”

“You have mistaken. Because I am a mother, I must get the justice my kids deserve! I am not Virgin Mary or Bodhisattva. I don’t have the tolerance of saints. What I do know is that whoever hurts those I love, I will make them suffer… No one can change that about me. Of course, you can’t either,” Huo Mian said with unwavering determination. It seemed like there was no way she would forgive.

“Huo Yanyan, stand up… What I can do is that if you step out of the scene from this and not interfere anymore, I can ask Chu to forgive you. I’m giving you this choice because you’ve been with Shen Mingzi for a while and you haven’t been close with your mother for a long time now. If you really want to interfere and help your mother, then I’m sorry. From now on, we are enemies. I will treat you like one. Do you understand?” Huo Mian said. Then she gave her an icy look and turned away.

The interrogation room door slammed shut.

Huo Yanyan sat on the floor crying unstoppably.

She knew Huo Mian’s determination now. She had not expected that the nice Huo Mian could be so mean.

She was left with no choice. Did she really have to watch her own mother die?

Inside the monitor room, Su Yu and Gao Ran watched with intense attention.

“Damn. Mian is so quotable! ‘Saying sorry only makes you feel better, not me’!” Gao Ran even took out his phone and jotted down the quote on his notes with excitement.

“Yeah! It’s brilliant! Did you see the look on that idiot Huo Yanyan’s face?” Su Yu was also very excited.

The more he got to know Huo Mian, the more he was attracted to her character.

She was never a saint or the Virgin Mary. She never wanted people to view her as a good person.

All she had been doing all her life were things she loved. She loved those she loved dearly. She was true to herself and to her, this was enough.

They were in a lounge in the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Qin Chu poured a warm glass of water and walked in.

“Honey, is there news?” Huo Mian stood up anxiously.

“Calm down. It’ll come very soon. We have diverted our forces into two teams. One team will surround Shen Jiani and He Yongjun while the other team will hunt down Zhang Manlin. Don’t worry, the kids will be fine.”

Qin Chu believed that as long as the kids were with Zhang Manlin, they were safe.

“Honey, I’m scared that Pudding and Little Bean…” Huo Mian’s throat was so hoarse that she couldn’t utter her words.

Qin Chu picked her up and put her on her legs.

He said softly, “Honey, you’re a very smart person so you should know that Shen Jiani and He Yongjun are criminals. They kidnapped the twins for revenge and ransom. If the twins were with them, their lives would be in danger.”

Huo Mian nodded.

“With Zhang Manlin, it’s different. She isn’t our arch-nemesis. Her goal isn’t ransoming either so the kids are safe for sure.”

“But Zhang Manlin is with Huo Siqian though,” Huo Mian said anxiously.

“No. She’s not with Huo Siqian anymore. She changed and she’s no longer under Huo Siqian’s control.”

Huo Mian was slightly shocked when she heard this.

“Honey… You and Zhang Manlin… Is there really something between you two?” Huo Mian stared at Qin Chu and asked seriously.


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