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(My Wife is a Genius (11)

“Those two? How could two little kids make me rich? Woman, are you trolling me? You think I’m from the countryside and have no education?” Big Brother Hai was extremely dissatisfied.

“No, Big Brother Hai, let me tell you. Do you know who their parents are?” Zhang Manlin anxiously grabbed Hai’s hand.

“How the fuck would I know? Quit bullshitting and get to the facking point, woman.” Hai was already losing patience. After all, he was a man that lived within the mountains and had little appreciation for word games.

“Big Brother Hai, the kids’ dad is a well-known entrepreneur in China. His name is Qin Chu and he’s the CEO of the GK Corporation. He is worth billions of yuan! Their mother is called Huo Mian, and she’s the hospital director of South Side Recuperation Center, a well-known healthcare facility in C City. They both live in a castle-like mansion worth over four hundred million yuan. The kids’ grandfather and aunt are both entrepreneurs! Oh, and their sugar daddy is Su Yu! You must have heard the name before. He is very well-known in C City, and he’s the boss of Imperial Star Entertainment. A lot of famous female celebrities came from his company, and he has over a dozen sports cars! He’s so rich to the point that I can’t even estimate!”

“No way, is this for real?” Big Brother Hai was clearly a bit unconvinced by Zhang Manlin’s words.

“It is a hundred percent real! If I lie to you, I will die a horrifying death.” In order to get Hai to believe her, she was willing to take a blood oath.

“Fuck, stop bullshitting! Who said Su Yu is our sugar daddy? You damn woman, you only know how to create rumors!” Little Bean couldn’t take it anymore and swear out loud. Forget Zhang Manlin for exposing their identities, they weren’t really counting on her. But, it was disgusting for her to say that Su Yu was their sugar daddy.

The twins spend a lot of their time on Weibo, so naturally, they knew the title ‘sugar daddy’ wasn’t a good one. Thus, they were reluctant to leave Zhang Manlin’s words unchecked.

“Big Brother Hai, trust me. If you tie them up right now and call their dad, you’d have no problem getting a billion yuan. You won’t be able to finish spending all the money this lifetime, and you’d never have to stay in this shithole another day.” Zhang Manlin tried to convince the man. In all honesty, she was trying to divert their focus so that his subordinates wouldn’t rape her.

“Zhang Manlin, you sold us out just to keep yourself safe. Fine, it saves me the time to try to rescue you. Now, you’ve chosen a dead-end yourself.” Pudding looked Zhang Manlin in the face with no surprise.

Pudding had been suspicious that Zhang Manlin didn’t really want to bring them home when she started slowing down the car. God knows what other kinds of danger they would be in if they actually arrived at Qinhe Town. At the very least, the mob that stood in front of them didn’t work for Huo Siqian or Zhang Manlin, so the situation wasn’t too terrible.

“Little brat, you think I need your help? Save it for yourself,” Zhang Manlin smirked back at Pudding.

“Alright, keep it down. Since we accidentally ran into two money trees, then we should really plan out how we are going to capitalize on this opportunity. I’ve had enough of his fucking sh*thole; it’s time to think about the rest half of our lives now, brothers.”

“Yes, Big Brother!” his five subordinates chanted in unison.

“Our good days are coming.”

“Long live Big Brother Hai!”

“What should we do now? Should we call the kids parents?” one of the subordinates asked excitedly.



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