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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (29)

“Not sure… I don’t know what she’s going to do either,” Pudding said quietly.

“Sis, you shouldn’t have asked her for help. You know how much that woman hates us. Especially after last time, when we made a fool out of her, she definitely won’t help us!”

Little Bean was fuming; she couldn’t believe the situation they were in.

She was far away from home and the only familiar face was their enemy; how frustrating!

“Well, maybe not. Yes, it’s true, she doesn’t like us… but she’s a grownup… and she knows what’s good for her…”

“What do you mean, Sis? I don’t get it.” Pudding was being too vague; Little Bean didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

“I’ll explain it this way…the woman who kidnapped us is a b*tch… but so is Zhang Manlin. Between the two of them, there is definitely a victor and a loser as to who’s more of a b*tch. Little Bean, maybe you’ve forgotten about what Daddy told us before?”

“What did he tell us?” Little Bean was beyond confused. Their dad had taught them many things; how was she to know which lesson her sister was referring to?

“He taught us to choose the lesser of two evils in situations like this one. Compared to the kidnappers, Zhang Manlin’s the safer choice for us. The kidnappers want to kill us; we’ll die if we keep following them. Although Zhang Manlin hates us as well, don’t forget that she has the hots for Daddy. So, there is a possibility of her helping us to make him happy.”

“You’re right… but what if she really hates us? What if she does nothing to help us? What if she pretends that she didn’t see us? Won’t we die?”

As far as Little Bean was concerned, Zhang Manlin was a horrible person. She was too much of a coward to risk her own life for them; she wouldn’t dare to piss off He Yongjun.

“She won’t. She will definitely do something.” Pudding was certain.

“Sis, why are you so sure that she’ll help us? She’s not that nice.”

“I know. I’m not sure that she’ll help us out of the goodness of her heart… but if she does nothing, there’s a chance that we’ll be saved and tell Daddy all about running into her. When Daddy finds out that she didn’t help us, he’ll be livid, and she’ll end up in a bad situation. Although Zhang Manlin’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, she’s not the dullest either. She knows what situation she’s in so I’m guessing she will do something.”

“Makes sense, but they’re dangerous criminals. They have knives, guns, and even bombs. Zhang Manlin is no special agent… how’s she supposed to get us out?”

“That’s out of our control. Anyway, we should keep our eyes and ears open tonight. Something might happen as soon as the latter half of tonight.” Pudding was always very positive. Even if Zhang Manlin decided not to tell her Daddy their whereabouts, she would still do something.

Sure enough… Pudding was right…

– During the latter half of the night, 1:30 AM in the morning –

It was the middle of the night. People were deep in slumber and the entire farmhouse was silent.

Zhang Manlin reached the backdoor from the mountain trail; there was someone waiting for her.

“Cousin, you’re here.”

“Where are they? How’s it going?” Zhang Manlin lowered her voice.

“Don’t worry. I put in a lot of sleeping pills in their dinner and the man’s out like a pig… not even a loud thunderstorm can wake them.”

“That’s good. Where are the kids?” Zhang Manlin asked.


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