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(Walking Further and Further Down the Road to Demise (10)

“Huo Mian…” Wei Dong was sobering up now.

“Let’s go.”

After speaking, Huo Mian turned to leave with Wei Dong silently following behind her…

When she was at the door, Gao Ran was also there giving out tasks to his subordinates.

“Gao Ran, I’m going now.”

“Okay, let’s talk later.”

Gao Ran and Wei Dong knew each other since, after all, they were from the same school. Although they were from different classes, as the class clown, Wei Dong left quite the impression.

Gao Ran came from an affluent family and rarely paid attention to these people.

Many people tried to bribe him with gifts and all failed.

The reason was simple; Gao Ran was still young and wanted to keep moving up. He would never ruin his future for the material riches presented to him.

Furthermore, Gao Ran came from a good background, members of his family were either government officials or did business. He wasn’t in need of money.

Only people with no money would become corrupt.

In the show “The People’s Name”, a little director in the first episode actually embezzled 200 million.

He claimed to be a farmer’s son and didn’t know better, but in reality, he knew very well that he was desperate to escape poverty.

Wei Dong lowered his head and was afraid to look at Gao Ran. He knew that people like Gao Ran and Qin Chu didn’t like lowly people like him.

When Huo Mian brought Wei Dong out, she beckoned him onto the car and drove the car to a parking lot.

“Huo Mian, I am sorry,” Wei Dong immediately apologized.

Huo Mian’s face was stern the entire time…

“Why apologize?” Huo Mian tilted her head and looked at him.

“I… I shouldn’t have started stuff and asked you to bail me out. I caused you trouble… If I had known earlier, I would’ve spent money to take care of it under the table. I know that they just want my money.”

“If you knew that, why would you go have dinner with them?” Huo Mian was a little pissed.

“They look down on me. When I had money, they praised me and worshipped me. When I went broke, they treated me like scum. I wanted to show off now that I have money. I didn’t think that…” Wei Dong lowered his head and didn’t dare to say more.

“You didn’t think that you would fail to show off and fall into the trap of a couple of broke men? Is that right?” Huo Mian questioned.

Wei Dong nodded…

“Wei Dong, you’re not a child anymore. There are some principles that you should understand.”

“Yes, it was my mistake.”

“Did you know why I was willing to lend money to you but not to those people?” Huo Mian asked.

Wei Dong raised his head, looked at Huo Mian, then shook it.

“Because I’ve known you for a long time and I know that you’re not a bad person, you’re just a little materialistic. Those people are rotten to the core and cannot be saved… You worked so hard to climb out of that circle, and you want to go back. I don’t know what to say.”

“You can curse at me and punch me, I know I messed up. I couldn’t sit and listen to them insult you.” Wei Dong looked guilty.

“I never care about what people say. If I did, I wouldn’t be here… What happened is in the past, stop contacting them from now on. Also, you don’t need to spend a cent, I’ll take care of it.”

“I am really sorry for the inconvenience… Did Han Xu call you?” Wei Dong looked apologetic.

“Speaking of Han Xu, I have something to say about him.”

“Okay.” Wei Dong nodded.

“Do you think he’s a good person?” Huo Mian asked sternly.

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