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(Walking Further and Further Down the Road to Demise (8)

“Who’s fighting?” Huo Mian said, confused.

“Wei Dong…”

“Who are you?” Huo Mian couldn’t tell who was calling her.

“I’m Han Xu.”

“Oh, class rep…”

“Hurry up and come. Huo Mian, this started because of you. As long as you’re here, they’ll stop fighting.”

“Where are you guys?”

“Grandma’s Diner by Jiangyin Road.”

“Okay, I’ll come over now.”

Huo Mian hung up and walked towards the door.

“Mommy, you’re heading out?” Little Bean walked towards Huo Mian with a watering can in her hand.

“Yeah. Mommy has something to do. When Daddy comes back, you guys can start dinner without me.”

“Okay but Mommy you have to be careful. If someone tries flirting with you, just kick his ass…” Little Bean ordered.

“Okay.” Huo Mian couldn’t help laughing.

Then, she drove a Porsche out.

Huo Mian rarely connected with Han Xu and her other classmates. She even left her high school class WeChat group because she didn’t want to be involved in any more trouble. When they had class reunions, they would ask Huo Mian to go.

In the past, Huo Mian felt bad refusing so she would go to the class reunions. However, after the incident with Liu Ze, she decided not to care about her classmates anymore.

However, Wei Dong was involved this time.

After Wei Dong lost his fortune, he had changed. Huo Mian voluntarily lent him money so that he could rebuild his business. Wei Dong was very thankful and had treated Huo Mian as his savior ever since.

Now that he was involved in a fight, Huo Mian felt obligated to go check it out.

When Huo Mian arrived at the place Han Xu mentioned, the police were already there. The police were walking out with Wei Dong.

Huo Mian had been to the Municipal Public Security Bureau many times because of the incident with the twins. Most of the police officers knew her and Qin Chu. When the police saw her, they greeted Huo Mian.

“Mrs. Qin, why are you here?”

“You are…?” Huo Mian asked with confusion.

“I work under Director Gao at the Municipal Public Security Bureau.”

“Oh, you’re from the Municipal Public Security Bureau.” Huo Mian nodded. “Are you dealing with this?”

“Yeah, we got a call saying there was a fight here.”

“He’s my friend. Can I talk to him for a sec?” Huo Mian pointed at Wei Dong who was behind the police officers.

“Of course,” the police officer said politely.

Then, they moved aside so that Huo Mian could walk over. Wei Dong was very wretched.

“What happened? Were you drunk-fighting?” Huo Mian furrowed.

“Why are you here?” Wei Dong was surprised to see Huo Mian.

“Han Xu called me to say you got into a fight.”

“Ah, nothing much. I just got drunk and got into a fight,” Wei Dong said calmly. He didn’t seem to want to disclose anymore.

“Who did you hit? Probably someone from high school right?” Huo Mian thought that if Wei Dong was drinking with Han Xu, then the other person must be someone from their high school class.

“Yeah, Xiao Peng and the other guys. I beat those bastards’ asses up,” Wei Dong was still angry and he cursed.

“Where are they?” Huo Mian looked around and didn’t see Xiao Peng or the other guys.


Huo Mian: “…”

“Why did you hit them to the extent they have to be hospitalized…” Huo Mian didn’t understand why.

“Not sure. I just hit them with all my power.”

“Was it necessary? Why did you do it? Did they kill your parents or something?” Huo Mian thought it was both funny and frustrating.

“Ah… nothing. You don’t need to ask. Go home now. It’s getting late and cold,” Wei Dong said hesitantly.

Then, he followed the police officers onto the police car.

“Officer, he’s my friend. Can you tell Director Gao so that I can bail him out first?” Huo Mian tried to see if she had enough influence first.

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