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(Walking Further and Further Down the Road to Demise (1)

“Why? Do you despise my family so much?” Huo Yanyan looked disappointed.

She had wanted to slowly ease into the conversation by boosting Shen Mingxi’s mood. However, before she could say anything, he had exposed her plan.

“This has nothing to do with despise. If I really despised you, then you wouldn’t be here today,” Shen Mingxi said directly.

Huo Yanyan scoffed and said, “Yeah, if you really despised me, then you wouldn’t be with me again, you wouldn’t let me live such an abundant life. I should really thank you, Mr. Shen. Do you want me to kowtow to you to show my gratitude to you for letting me and my daughter live with you?”

“Huo Yanyan, don’t speak to me in such a sarcastic tone. I don’t owe you anything.” Shen Mingxi was already slightly angry.

Ever since Shen Jiani came back, Huo Yanyan had changed.

Shen Mingxi didn’t know whether this was Huo Yanyan’s true colors or that she was influenced by that pathetic mother of hers.

The gentle and understanding of Huo Yanyan was nowhere to be seen. Instead, now, she was sarcastic and seeking attention and sympathy. She would say that she was so miserable and beg people to help her. Although Shen Mingxi was not that close with Huo Mian and did not know her that well, he knew that if Huo Mian was like Huo Yanyan now, then Su Yu would definitely not love her so much.

Huo Yanyan did something that all men despised, and she seemed to also have underestimated his intelligence.

“Mingxi… can you help her for me?” Huo Yanyan saw that force didn’t work so she tried to soften up.

“I’m powerless. Your mother wants to die so eagerly, I just can’t help… Also, the problem now isn’t whether I am willing to help or not. First, I can’t help. I don’t have that capability. Second, if I help your mother, I am going to become Qin Chu and Su Yu’s enemy. I don’t want to bring that upon myself. Third, can you chill a bit? Did you forget why He Yongjun was able to capture the twins so easily? It was because he used Tiantian as a bait. Do you think you are completely out of blame? Do you think Qin Chu won’t come for revenge?”

“So? Are you scared? Are you scared that I’ll bring you down?” Huo Yanyan scared.

“If I was scared that you’d bring me down with you, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now nor would I let you stay in this house. Huo Yanyan, can you use your brain to think for a second?”

Shen Mingxi thought it was getting harder and harder to talk to Huo Yanyan. She was being so unbelievable and irrational.

The two basically argued every time they saw each other and it had become such a torment to live with her.

No longer were they loving and sweet. The two hadn’t slept with each other for a long time now.

“Yes. I don’t have a brain, okay? I’m stupid. I’m always being bullied and tricked… Wei Ying is smart. Why don’t you like her?” Huo Yanyan tried to think of the most malicious words to fight back. Such arguments had deeply hurt the relationship that the two spent such a long time to build.

“Unbelievable…” Shen Mingxi flipped the table, throwing all the dishes Huo Yanyan made to the ground.

Tiantian was so scared that she started crying…

“Wah… Uncle, don’t be mad. I’m scared…” Children were always the most innocent ones when caught in adult arguments.

“Shen Mingxi, what are you doing? You scared my daughter!” Huo Yanyan shouted as she hugged her daughter.



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