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(My Wife is a Genius (19)

“Threaten you? No, no, no… I, Qin Mumu, never dare to frighten anyone like that. Big Beard, I’m serious about everything I told you. You have to listen to me! Otherwise, you’ll regret it.” Little Bean had never looked so serious.

Of course, she was incredibly nervous inside, but since her elder sister gave her such an important task, there was no way that she could lose face.

Before, everyone would often say, “Pudding is super intelligent. She is so much like her mom and dad.”

Every time that happens, Little Bean would feel very awkward. Actually, she was also intelligent, but she would often be eclipsed by her elder sister.

“I’m listening, Little Girl, continue.” Big Beard especially liked this little thing.

For this reason, he didn’t show any inkling of impatience.

“To put it another way, if you take the ransom, even if you are fortunate enough to run away, you wouldn’t be able to stay in China. Think about it. The government is strictly cracking down on wanted criminals. Travel tickets are all processed through a real-name system. You would have a hard time surviving. Do you really want to take one billion dollars and just stay in these mountains forever?” Little Bean spread out her hands as she laid out her point.

Big Beard nodded his head. “That makes sense. But we could go abroad and live a carefree and happy life.”

“Abroad? That makes me chuckle…” Little Bean smiled grimly.

“What are you chuckling at?” Big Beard looked on dumbly.

“You think it’s that easy to live abroad? Right now, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan… which of those places isn’t in a constant state of war?”

“Err, why do I have to go to those places? I want to go to Canada, the United States, or somewhere like that,” Big Beard quibbled.

“Big Beard, I’m not looking down on you, so tell me honestly. Have you ever been to the United States?” Little Bean asked calmly.

“Uh… I haven’t, in fact. What, have you?” Big Beard shot back.

Little Bean’s face beamed with pride. “Of course, my grandparents used to reside in the United States. My second grandfather and aunt are also there. My sister and I have been there, so we know the situation pretty well. The United States is a state of enforced law. At any time, you can witness street shootings, and if there are no bodyguards to protect you, gangs of black criminals will bully Chinese people… As for you guys, you don’t even speak any foreign languages. Is it really that easy to go abroad? What’s more, do you know why I don’t like the United States?” Little Bean asked.

“No, I don’t.” Big Beard had already begun to become brainwashed by Little Bean, so he was smoothly following her train of thought.

“Because there aren’t too many good things to eat over there… To put it bluntly, eating hamburgers and chicken wings and drinking soda all day will make you want to puke. I’m telling you, if they bring you your steak medium rare and a little bloody, it’s not the same as here. With so many different kinds of cuisine, you can eat dumplings if you want dumplings, meat pies when you want meat pies, or even sweet red bean buns and that kind of stuff.”

“Uh… you’re trying to trick me. I’ve seen movies, they have Chinatowns and Chinese restaurants over there.”

“That’s right, they do. But their prices are outrageous. Even Chinese supermarkets charge tens of dollars for a bottle of Lao Gan Ma chili sauce. Can you handle that?”

“Damn… that expensive? That’s straight-up robbery…” Big Beard had been completely convinced by Little Bean.

“Of course, what did you think? So anyway, don’t think that living overseas is paradise. It’s definitely not as easy as you think.”

“So then, what should I do?” After Little Bean had said all this, Big Beard had lost all confidence.




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