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(To Be Honest, I’m a Good Person (8)

“So… Do you have a better idea?” Pudding looked at Zhang Manlin.

“We can only keep moving forward. There’s a huge ravine here and it’s inconvenient for traveling. The village there doesn’t have any communication devices. I looked up the map earlier. There’s a huge town called Qinghe seventy kilometers ahead and they must have communication devices. We can borrow someone’s cell phone to call your daddy and Huo Siqian won’t know about it. How perfect is that!”

“Are you saying that we still have to rush seventy kilometers?”

“Yes, seventy kilometers isn’t that far. It won’t even take two hours if I drive fast,” Zhang Manlin said.

Pudding lowered her head and didn’t talk as if she had something in her mind.

“If you promise me that I can be your daddy’s secretary after helping you, it’ll be a deal.”

“What if I disagree?” Pudding raised her head up, looked at Zhang Manlin, and asked word by word.

“Disagree, haha… sorry, I won’t be willing to take this risk then. I can only… drive the car away myself and leave you guys here… You probably don’t know and I’m not trying to scare you, but the villagers here are very barbaric. They bought their wives two years ago because they’re poor and ugly. Not a single woman wants to marry them. If anyone from here sees you, I guarantee that you’ll be locked up to be someone’s child bride.”

“Do you mean that we’ll be dead if I don’t agree with your condition?” Pudding laughed coldly.

“Not entirely. If your dad can make it in time to find you guys, you guys may be alright… but I cannot promise that those kidnappers will not get you first.”

“Zhang Manlin, you’re pretty malicious despite your young age.”

“Please don’t say that. It’s only human nature to think about what’s good for ourselves. I’m just trying to get some benefits for myself.” Zhang Manlin flipped her hair and smiled.

Pudding actually hated this woman deep inside, but she didn’t have a choice other than cooperating with her at the moment.

“I’m quite curious about something.”

“What is it?” Zhang Manlin raised her head and asked Pudding.

“You’re making an agreement with a kid like me. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll back out? You gotta know that I’m a kid and I’m not eighteen years old. Let’s not even talk about the verbal agreement. Even if we sign a contract with our fingerprints on, the law won’t accept it. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll betray you after you help us?” Pudding asked curiously.

“You won’t.”


“Because I’ve already recorded a video of our conversation just now. If you don’t fulfill your promise, I’m sorry but I will have to spread the video around. Even though you’re not legally responsible, this video will affect your daddy’s company and your parents’ reputations if I post it online. Haha, do I need to tell you more?” Zhang Manlin held up her phone and shook it.

“You’re good at playing mind games, ha. No wonder a big psycho like Huo Siqian likes you.”

“Thanks for your compliment. So, Miss Pudding, what do you think?”

“Deal. I accept your condition. You must immediately drive to the closest town. My sister and I will then leave there and head home right away.”

Pudding didn’t even think about it. A woman like Zhang Manlin wouldn’t be able to do much even working at GK as her daddy’s secretary.

Pudding decided to deal with this bitch after arriving home safely.

That was why she accepted her condition…

“Sure. Let’s pack and leave right away.”

Zhang Manlin was delighted. However, she suddenly received a call from Huo Siqian as she walked towards the car.


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