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(My Wife is a Genius (18)

“But you are already bullying us now. Even bullying three and a half-year-old kids,” said Little Bean.

Big Brother Hai was speechless.

“Stop fooling around. Just tell us the phone number and let’s not waste our time.”

The twins looked at each other and didn’t say anything.

Big Brother Hai signaled to one of his henchmen.

One of the followers immediately took out a cleaver.

And then took out a dead chicken from somewhere and started chopping it in front of the twins.

They thought that when the kids saw a scene like this, they would break down immediately and tearfully tell them the phone number.

But who knew…

The twins calmly looked at the guy who chopped up the chicken with a condescending look in their eyes.

“Are you guys joking?” Pudding asked.

“Little scrubs, just letting you know, if you two don’t tell us the phone number, you will end up like this,” the henchman said angrily.

Completely unexpectedly, Little Bean just walked over and took the cleaver from his hand, and chopped right at the dead chicken’s neck.

With just one chop, the dead chicken’s head fell to the ground.

Those big men had never seen a scene like this and were completely astonished.

Pudding was calm because Little Bean was famous for her courage.

Ever since she first started walking, she dared to hold a snake in her hands, which scared all the maids.

So chopping up a chicken, especially a dead chicken, was really a piece of cake for Little Bean.

“Big Brother Hai, this kid… is really tough.” The followers felt ashamed, too.

“You guys are really a bunch of garbage. You can’t even scare a little kid! I freaking wasted all my effort in raising you guys.”

“So, what other tricks do you have? Show us!” Little Bean just threw the cleaver down on the ground.

The back of the knife hit the foot of the henchman who was chopping the chicken and he immediately covered it in pain.

“Not bad, little kid. Full of courage. Haha. You were born to be a gangster. What about this, you can be my goddaughter.”

“Eww. Don’t even think about this. A weak guy like you wanting to be my godfather? You think you deserve that?” Little Bean gave Big Brother Hai a big look of disdain.

“Little scrub, what’re you talking about? You want to be beaten up?” One of the underlings didn’t accept the disrespect for his boss and was about to approach them.

However, Big Brother Hai stopped him. “You get out of here. No one is allowed to touch her. I like this kid. If only she were my own daughter, I would give her everything. She was born to be a gangster.”

“Alright, stop daydreaming. Back to the topic, Big Beard, let’s have a conversation.”

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?” Mr. Hai started to like this pudgy little girl so he obviously tried to look interested in what she had to say.

“Too many people here, it’s not convenient. Let’s talk inside.” Little Bean looked around.

“Sure, haha. Let’s see how much skill you actually have. You want to negotiate with me? Why don’t you fly up into the sky?”

Big Brother Hai laughed and waved away all his followers and motioned for someone to bring Pudding aside, too.

“Sister, I can deal with Big Beard. Wait for me, don’t be scared,” whispered Little Bean as she walked by Pudding.

Pudding nodded.

Inside the room, Big Beard was leaning on the chair with a toothpick in his mouth and looking at this little girl in front of him.

“Okay, let’s start then.”

“Big Beard, you know who my daddy is right?”

“Kind of? I heard your dad is really rich,” Big Beard answered.

“Yes, he is rich. But he’s also really mean. Especially to enemies. So Big Beard, do you think after you exchange me and my sister for the ransom, you can get away with that money? You know that for my daddy to kill someone, it’s even easier than killing an ant,” said Little Bean calmly.

“You’re trying to scare me? You think that you can threaten someone like me?” Big Beard laughed.



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