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(My Wife is a Genius (12)

“We’re not in a rush; it’s been a long day for all of us. Go make some food, we’ll have some drinks and talk about the plan more in detail.”

“Yes, Big Brother!” The subordinates seemed extremely happy.

“Lock the two kids in my warehouse.”

“Hold up,” Pudding yelled out. The adults of the room turned and looked at her.

“Is that really necessary? You guys are all big burly dudes, and we’re only three years old. What would we do? Run away? Instead of locking the two of us up, you better lock that woman away. If she manages to get out, you guys will be in big trouble; she will call the police once she gets out of the mountains.”

Upon hearing Pudding’s words, the men looked at Zhang Manlin alarmingly.

As they looked at her, she waved her hands left and right quickly. “No no, don’t listen to this brat. I won’t say a thing. I’ve already told you guys such an important piece of information. Technically, I’m working with you guys, so I won’t run away or call the police. Once you guys get the ransom, just let me go. I don’t want a single penny.”

“No, it’s better to lock you up for now.” The man thought Pudding’s words made perfect sense. “You two, lock them all up. The two small ones go in the warehouse; the woman goes to the basement.”

In fear of having something go wrong again on Zhang Manlin’s side, he decided to lock her into the basement that was more difficult to escape.

“Damn you, brat,” Zhang Manlin said under her breath as she passed by Pudding.

“Yeah fack you too bitch.” Pudding, who was always polite, fought back with dirty words for the first time.

The mob ate and drank in celebration of the money trees that fell into their lap as the twins were locked up in the warehouse and Zhang Manlin was locked up in the basement.

– On the other side, near Tao Yuan Village –

The helicopter landed on a flat piece of land just below the mountains. The rescue force consisted of fifty armed uniformed officers who were all in position.

In uniform as well, Gao Ran got off the helicopter.

The leader of the rescue force saluted towards Gao Ran, “Chief Gao, I am the Platoon Commander of this mission, Zhang Bin. We’ve received orders from the higher-ups to assist you in bringing the offenders to justice.”

“Thanks for your hard work, Commander Zhang.” Gao Ran nodded in acknowledgment.

“Of course, we work for the people, this is our job.”

“What’s the situation like in the mountains? Were you able to locate He Yongjun and the other one?” Gao Ran took the military binoculars from Zhang Bin and observed.

“It’s difficult. The offender seems to have had training and has strong observational skills. His hiding spot is steep and difficult to get to, making it easy to defend but hard for us to enter. We’re looking for ways around it.”

“If necessary, officers may shoot to kill,” Gao Ran said without holding anything back.


As Commander Zhang went on to communicate the mission details, Gao Ran turned around to Qin Chu and Huo Mian. “This is a special force with around fifty officers. They are stationed soldiers from around the area. They might not be skilled in firearms, but they are more than enough to take care of He Yongjun and Shen Jiani, so don’t worry.”

Qin Chu simply nodded in acknowledgment. He looked at his watch and noticed several hours had passed. Without saying a thing, he took out a couple of egg pies and passed it to Huo Mian.

“Mian, have a bite, just for the sake of having something in your stomach, or you will feel bad later.” Qin Chu gazed at Huo Mian softly.

“Honey… I…”

“If you’re not hungry, just eat it as a snack, okay? Be a good girl. I’m going to call Su Yu and check out the situation in Qinghe Town.” Lovingly, Qin Chu stroked Huo Mian’s face before leaving to call Su Yu.



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