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(My Wife is a Genius (17)

“Yes, Sir”.

One drunk henchman went to the barn and brought out the twins who were trapped inside.

The kids were tied up by ropes, too.

“Sis, what should we do?” Little Bean was a little nervous.

“It’s fine, don’t worry, Little Bean. I used to be the one negotiating but this time it’s your turn.”

“What? Me?” Little Bean looked surprised.

Those followers in the front were so drunk and they hadn’t paid attention to the two kids’ conversation at all, as they simply held the rope and walked.

“Yes. I can’t always be the one stepping up to deal with things like this. You need to learn some survival skills, too.”

“Oh my, my dear sister, just leave me alone. At this critical time, you still want me to practice? What if I screw up and that man kills both of us?”

It seemed like Little Bean didn’t want to be the one making a big decision like this.

“I believe that you’re capable of getting us out safely.” Pudding looked at her little sister with confidence.

“Please don’t. I don’t even believe in myself. Maybe you should be the one doing it. You are good at talking and respond faster.”

“No, I won’t say anything. It’s time for you to practice. Later you’ll be in charge of talking, otherwise, we’re just waiting to be killed,” Pudding just gave up and said casually.

“I…” as Little Bean was just about to say something, the henchman in front turned around and yelled, “Stop murmuring you two little scrubs. Be quiet. Later when you see our boss, whatever he asks you, just answer him and don’t make it hard for yourself.”

Just like this, the two little kids were brought in front of the man who was called Big Brother Hai.

“Boss, here they are.”

“Hey, Big Beard, we need to talk,” Little Bean gathered her courage and said to that man who was called Mr. Hai.

“Big Beard?” Mr. Hai was a little confused, too.

The henchmen each felt their faces and realized that among them, only their boss had a beard.

“Eh, Boss. I think this little scrub is calling you,” one of the followers said.

“Scrub, how dare you talk to our boss with this kind of attitude?” The other one became mad and raised his hand as if he was going to beat Little Bean.

But Mr. Hai laughed and stopped him, then stood up and said, “Big Beard, this name is not bad. I do have a decent beard. But you little kid, you don’t look old but you do have courage. How old are you?”

“Three and a half,” Little Bean answered immediately.

“Only three and a half. So young. You two are twins?” Mr. Hai looked at Little Bean then looked at Pudding.

“If not twins, why would we look so alike? What a dumb question,” Little Bean quipped back.

“Huh… Little kid, you do have some attitude.”

“This is not called attitude, this is called sass, you understand? It comes in our genes. My grandparents are sassy and my aunt, too. My parents are the king and queen of sassiness. So when it comes to me and my sister, we can’t lose.”


What Little Bean said made Big Beard so confused.

“Let me ask you, are you really three and a half?” Big Beard was skeptical.

“You need to see my birth certificate?” Little Bean answered confidently.

“Oh, no need. I don’t really care how old you are, actually. What I care about now is that you two better tell us your dad or your mom’s contact information immediately – a landline is fine, too. We need to contact them immediately and it’s time to ask for ransom.”

“What if we don’t tell you?” Little Bean asked back.

“If you don’t? Hah.. then you won’t end up in good shape. You know, I don’t want to bully little kids,” Mr. Hai answered Little Bean with a smile.



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