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(My Wife is a Genius (4)

“What facking Big Brother Qian? My name is Big Brother Hai.”

After speaking, he opened the door and pulled Zhang Manlin out of the car…

“Ah…” She fell onto the ground, her face pale from being frightened.

“Look through it… It’s a Mercedes Benz, she must be rich… Look carefully, don’t leave a cent behind.”

The leader, who was named Hai, gave orders, and his minions immediately opened the car doors.

However, they were surprised by the twins sitting in the back.

“Big Brother Hai, we found something.”


“There are two kids here.” The men looked at the twins with confusion.

The man named Hai approached the car and looked inside.

The twins were looking at him with big, cute eyes.

The two kids weren’t like other children who would cry in this situation.

They were looking out of the window so calmly.

Pudding and Little Bean stared at the bandits.

“These two kids are so cute… Is that your mom?” Hai asked the twins while pointing at Zhang Manlin.

“She’s your mom,” Little Bean shot back.

God knows how much she hated Zhang Manlin, how could a slutty knock-off be compared to Huo Mian.

“Big Brother Hai, she insulted you…” one man reacted and immediately reminded Hai.

Pudding thought that he would be furious because Little Bean cursed at him.

However, he simply laughed.

“She’s fierce like a bandit, I like it… Just like my daughter. Okay, no more talking, bring them away.”

“Big Brother Hai, it’s a very expensive car; it’s worth at least five hundred thousand dollars… Let’s drive it away too…” The men looked at the black Benz with glowing eyes.

“Are you dumb? I’ve told you so many times that we can’t take the expensive cars. It must have a tracker on it, do you want to send us to prison?”

“Yes, yes, you’re right.”

“Hurry up and take anything that’s worth money. Bring the woman and kids too.”

Just like that, Zhang Manlin and the twins were taken by the bandits…

The Benz was left on a rural street not far from Qinghe Town.

As for Huo Siqian’s men, they waited and didn’t see the Benz, so Ah-Cheng directed them to search the area.

– Inside the Huo Mansion –

Huo Siqian was casually sipping tea in the living room.

“Boss, something bad happened.”

“Say it.”

“Zhang Manlin disappeared along with the kids.”

“What do you mean by disappeared?” Huo Siqian put down the teacup and slowly raised his head.

“Didn’t you ask us to wait at Qinghe Town? To catch Zhang Manlin as soon as she arrives? But she never got there, so I got men to search. We found the car but not her and the kids,” Ah-Cheng said.

“They’re gone?” Huo Siqian raised his eyebrow.

“Maybe she knew we were going to turn on her and ran away… Or she betrayed us and decided to hand them to Qin Chu.”

“No way, she’s not that brave… She’s wanted right now, it’s impossible for her to directly turn to Qin Chu. That would mean death for her.”

“How did she disappear?”

“Search carefully in the town and the surrounding villages, I suspect that she’s hiding,” Huo Siqian said.

“Yes, we’ll search right away.”

– Deep within the mountains, inside the home of the bandits –

“Sis, look at this place…” Little Bean pointed out the car window.

When Pudding looked, she was also slightly shocked.


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