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(To Be Honest, I’m a Good Person (7)

“You guys don’t have to be so suspicious towards me. Haha… Do you think I’d be as bad as those two kidnappers?” Zhang Manlin laughed coldly.

“We don’t know for sure. It’s better to be safe,” Pudding said.

“Fine, I won’t argue with you kids. I’ll eat first… look closely.” Zhang Manlin grabbed the bread from Little Bean’s hands and took a huge bite after she spoke.

Then, she took the water from Pudding’s hands and took a sip abruptly.

The twins started eating after seeing her eating the bread and drinking the water.

“Eat slowly, Little Bean.” Pudding patted her younger sister’s back, afraid that she would choke from eating too fast.

“Sis, I want to eat barbeque and hot pot so much. Wah, I want to go back home. I miss Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie… and Captain Su. They must be looking for us all over the place.” Little Bean ate and cried at the same time. She was still a kid after all. Her mentality started to break down after the torturous past few days.

In fact, Pudding was also depressed. However, she couldn’t be sad, or else her younger sister wouldn’t be able to pull through.

“Soon. We’ll go home very soon.”

“Really?” Little Bean raised her head and looked at Pudding with watery eyes.

“Of course. When has Sis ever lied to you before?”

“I wonder what Boyuan is doing right now. He will be angry for sure if he knows I’m missing…” Little Bean sighed.

“Alright, Qin Mumu. Your mission right now is to eat properly. I wonder how you still have the time to think about a romantic relationship. You’ve got me…” Pudding didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

Seeing Pudding being extremely calm, Zhang Manlin decided to negotiate with this kid.

“Come here, Pudding.”

“What’s the matter?” Pudding looked at Zhang Manlin cautiously.

“Let’s talk.”

“About what?”

“Obviously, it’s the matter regarding sending the two of you back.”


“You eat first, Little Bean. I’ll go talk to that woman.” Pudding touched Little Bean’s head.

“Be careful, Sis. That woman is very tricky,” Little Bean reminded Pudding.

Pudding nodded and followed Zhang Manlin to a billow willow tree on the other side.

“Do you want to go home with your younger sister, Pudding?”

“Of course. No need for you to tell me. Stop going in circles, Miss Zhang. I like to be more straightforward. Tell me about your condition.”

“I want to work at GK and be your daddy’s secretary,” Zhang Manlin said.

“Haha, what a good idea! It would be more convenient for you to seduce my daddy, right?” Pudding looked at Zhang Manlin scornfully.

“You don’t need to know about my motives. Anyhow, I’m taking risks as well. You know that I’ll not end up well if I betray Huo Siqian. I need to find a harbor and your daddy is the only person who can fight against Huo Siqian… I must do this.”

“Nonsense. Other than my daddy, Handsome Su can also deal with Huo Siqian.”

“Handsome Su? Are you talking about Su Yu?”

“Yes, why don’t you say that you want to be Handsome Su’s secretary? You want to hit on my dad,” Pudding exposed her purpose.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. It costs way too much to betray Huo Siqian. His order is very explicit. He doesn’t want you to go home safely, but I disobeyed his order and am working to send you guys back. We may encounter danger when we go back.”

“You don’t have to worry about this at all. We don’t need to take us back. You only need to call my dad with your cell phone and tell him the location. Daddy will come and pick us up.”

“It won’t work. My cell phone is being tracked by Huo Siqian. He will definitely know before your dad. The three of us will be dead by then,” Zhang Manlin objected.


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