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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (14)

Qin Chu listened and his brows slightly furrowed.

‘What’s happening?’ Qin Chu thought to himself. ‘Did He Yongjun and Shen Jiani run away? Then Gao Ran is a useless director. So many resources were spent to arrest them so if they escaped, then all of that would have been wasted.’

“He Yongjun… just now…” Gao Ran intentionally said in broken sentences.

Qin Chu was not happy…

“What about him?” he asked as he tried to maintain his composure.

“He died… Haha… Are you surprised?” Gao Ran suddenly burst in laughter.

Qin Chu: “…”

“Huh? Were you listening to me, Chu?” Gao Ran asked as he found no response from Qin Chu.

“F*ck off.” Qin Chu was super angry at Gao Ran.

How old was he? He was the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau! How could he be so childish?

Just when Qin Chu hung up, Gao Ran called him again.

“Do you want to die?” Qin Chu threatened.

“Haha… okay, no more jokes. I just wanted to tell you that He Yongjun lost too much blood during transit. He’s brain-dead now.”

“Okay,” Qin Chu responded icily.

This was something Qin Chu expected. If He Yongjun was lucky enough to survive, Qin Chu would find ways to kill him for sure because He Yongjun hurt his daughters. There was no way Qin Chu would forgive him and let him live. Protecting his daughters was what a father should do.

“Oh, that stab you gave him… It was so ruthless. You pierced right at his aorta. He was able to survive for so long, it shows how strong-willed he was. He even clamored on the car to have me send him to the hospital. Yeah, hospital my azz. If I didn’t have to follow the protocol, I would have sent him directly to cremation.”

“It was self-defense,” Qin Chu said pridefully.

“Sure, sure, sure. I know how evil you are. I was thinking why someone like you would be willing to fight one-on-one with He Yongjun. Now I know how calculative you are… Such a long game of chess. You were intentionally baiting him. You know that you’re stronger so he’d cheat. That was why when he took out his knife to stab you, you stabbed him right back. You’re a genius. A genius!”

“Enough. Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Qin Chu suddenly thought that Gao Ran was annoying.

He finally could spend some blissful time with his wife and children but now he had to listen to Gao Ran go on and on.

“Yeah. I haven’t asked you yet so, how are things?” Gao Ran asked.

“It’s over.”

“Are the twins alright?” Gao Ran asked caringly.


“What about my future daughter-in-law? How is she feeling?” Gao Ran asked jokingly.

He looked at Little Bean, who was next to him.

“She’s very good. She’s eating a strawberry shortcake now,” Qin Chu said.

“Haha, that sounds like my future daughter-in-law. She’s so strong, so much so that she can think about eating at a time like this,” Gao Ran chuckled.

“Okay, hanging up,” Qin Chu thought that Gao Ran wasn’t saying anything productive.

He only had one important piece of news to tell him and that was that He Yongjun was dead. This was a good piece of news though.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” Huo Mian heard that Qin Chu was talking with Gao Ran so she asked.

“He Yongjun’s dead.”

“Dead? When did that happen?” Huo Mian asked calmly.

“A few minutes ago.”

“Based on timing, he must have been pretty strong to only have died just now. He should have been long gone from losing so much blood… What about Shen Jiani? What are you planning to do with her?” Huo Mian asked.




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