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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (7)

“Huo Yanyan… You’re trying to use this tactic on me again…”

Last time when Huo Siqian kidnapped Tiantian, Huo Yanyan did the same.

She really thought Huo Mian was the Virgin Mary.

That time, Huo Mian hesitated before helping her. She helped her in the end because Huo Yanyan tried her best to save her children when Huo Siyi kidnapped them.

At the end of the day, Huo Mian didn’t want to owe anyone anything so she would try to repay.

No matter how much she didn’t want to see Huo Siqian alone, she went.

Huo Mian did not waiver even when Huo Yanyan begged her on her knees.

“Mian. I beg you. I’ll pray for you! I beg you! Please let my mom go! It’s really He Yongjun’s idea. My mom is only an accessory! She can go to jail but please don’t kill her. She’s my last family member in this world! I don’t want to lose her! I beg you!” Then, Huo Yanyan started kowtowing. Each kowtow let out a loud bang, with each louder than the last. Her forehead was all red.

Inside the monitoring room, Gao Ran, Qin Chu, and Su Yu stood in a line to watch what was happening in the interrogation room.

“To be honest, I want to kill Huo Yanyan too… No wonder Shen Mingxi fell for her. From how I see it now, she’s a very manipulative b*tch… It was stupid of me to think she had changed,” Su Yu exclaimed.

“Changed? She’s always been like this. We knew the kind of person she was since we were kids. Back then, when Huo Zhenghai was still alive, she would bully Huo Mian. It’s good that Huo Mian would not back down and fight back so hard that Huo Yanyan decided to back off for her own good. She really is Shen Jiani’s daughter and Huo Siyi’s sister. They’re all so despicable. Chu, will Mian be soft and let that b*tch Shen Jiani off the hook?” Gao Ran asked worriedly.

Women were soft-hearted creatures… It was understandable to have a soft spot when Huo Yanyan was crying like that.

“F*ck! Even if Mian forgave her, I won’t accept it. I’ll have someone kill her in the dark…”

Pudding and Little Bean were his treasures so Su Yu would never forgive anyone who kidnapped them.

“Mian won’t…”

Qin Chu had only spoken those two words… He understood Huo Mian well.

Su Yu was scared because he knew about Huo Mian’s pregnancy. People say that pregnant women’s moods were easily triggered. They also had a soft heart and were very sensitive.

Who knew if Huo Mian would actually let Huo Yanyan’s wretched mother off the hook…

The three men tried to guess Huo Mian’s thoughts in the monitoring room.

From start to end, Qin Chu quietly watched his wife through the monitor. His eyes gave out a soft light.

He was the only one that knew Huo Mian well…

Huo Mian’s love for their children was no less than Qin Chu. If anyone touched this dragon’s reverse scale, she would be infuriated.

To Huo Mian, Qin Chu and her children were her bottom line. No matter who touched this bottom line, they would die!

“You want me to let your mother go? Then why didn’t you ask her to let my children go when she kidnapped them?”

“I did… I begged her but she didn’t agree. I really did, Mian.”

“It’s that simple. You begged and I don’t agree either.”

“Mian…” Huo Yanyan’s heart dropped when she saw how easily Huo Mian rejected her request.


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