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(To Be Honest, I’m a Good Person (3)

“Su Yu, calm down, I’ll tell you everything.”

Shen Mingxi followed Su Yu into the living room and they both sat down.

Shen Mingxi told Su Yu all about what he had suspected…

After he finished, Su Yu furrowed his brows.

“You’re saying that… the kids might have been kidnapped by Huo Yanyan’s mother?” Su Yu asked.

Shen Mingxi nodded. “Yanyan looked anxious ever since some relatives of hers came back. She looks bothered and distracted all the time, but she doesn’t tell me anything. She keeps telling me that her mom is visiting relatives, but I’ve checked that out, and they don’t have relatives living around the city. I’ve only seen her mother once after her return. She’s a smart woman and was accompanied by a mysterious man. Apparently, he’s her boyfriend… but I don’t think it’s that simple. The most important thing is the timing… the twins disappeared on the day she left to visit relatives. That’s why I’m suspicious of them. After all, Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both involved in Huo Siyi’s death. There’s no way that Yanyan’s mother would just let that go when she returns. Plus, from what I’ve heard, she has an intimate relationship with some Vietnamese gang leader. She’s not an ordinary woman.”

Although it was all speculation, it made perfect sense.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Su Yu was clearly blaming Shen Mingxi’s tardiness.

Shen Mingxi: “I wasn’t sure before.”

“What makes you so sure now?” Su Yu watched Shen Mingxi’s eyes as the latter spoke, determining whether or not the man was lying.

Shen Mingxi: “I’m still not sure, but it’s been so long and there’s still no news. I just thought that trying something is better than nothing. We should look for Yanyan’s mother and that man first. Even if they don’t have the kids, it’s a chance, right?”

Su Yu listened until the end, remaining silent. Shen Mingxi really had good intentions.

Su Yu: “I’ll send some people to investigate them immediately.”

“I’ll go back home and try to get more out of Yanyan. Maybe I can find out more,” Shen Mingxi thought out loud.

“No, don’t,” Su Yu immediately responded.

“Why not?” Shen Mingxi couldn’t understand what Su Yu was trying to say.

“I don’t want to tip them off. If Huo Yanyan finds out about our knowledge of this, she might warn her mother.”

“Oh, right, I forgot about that.” With that, Shen Mingxi looked up hesitantly. “Su Yu…I…”


“Can I ask you for a favor?”

“What is it?”

“If it really was Yanyan’s mother and that man… Yanyan only knew about it… and she wasn’t a part of the kidnapping… can you please not go after her?”

So, Shen Mingxi was there to plead for Huo Yanyan in advance…

“Haha, how do I put this… it’s best if she isn’t a part of this. Otherwise, even if I’m willing to forgive her, Qin Chu will chop her to pieces,” Su Yu scoffed.

Shen Mingxi looked startled…

“Anyway, thank you for telling me all of this. That’s all.”

Su Yu immediately ordered his men to investigate into Huo Yanyan’s mother and the man’s traveling records; nothing came back.

So they stowed away back to the country…

Su Yu immediately dialed Qin Chu’s number.

“Qin Chu, I have news.”

“What news?”

“Someone told me that the twins might have been kidnapped by Shen Jiani and her man. Get over here. We need to make a plan.”

“Alright, I’ll be right over.”

“Honey, is it about the twins?” Seeing Qin Chu’s face, Huo Mian grabbed him.


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