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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (3)

“Are you trying to beg me to let you go? No, Boss won’t agree. Even if I can let you go, we’ll have to deal with those twins first. How would we know that you aren’t going to leak the news?” Trickster said slowly as he cautiously looked at Zhang Manlin.

“No, not that. I know it’s too demanding to ask you to let me go.” Zhang Manlin pretended to be understanding.

Trickster was relieved when he heard that and he pulled her into his arms.

“As long as it’s not that, anything is good. You’re now my woman,” he said. Then he kissed her on the lips.

Zhang Manlin tried hard not to throw up. She never thought that she would be defiled by a crook.

“It’s about the twins. How are you guys planning to deal with them after you get the ransom? Are you going to kill them or… ?”

“Kill them? I never thought about that. We’ll see what Boss thinks. I don’t think Boss would do that though. Even though he looks very mean, he’s actually not a bad person. For the past few years we’ve been here, we never really hurt anyone so it’s highly unlikely that he would kill two kids.”

Even Trickster thought it was sufficient to receive the money. There was no need to kill the twins because they were both cute and small.

“You’re wrong. I want to tell you this. When you guys receive the ransom, you must kill them,” Zhang Manlin said with suspense.


“Think about it. They know your faces now. The police will make you guys all wanted criminals. Would that be easy for you?”

“But Boss said that the twins’ father is a powerful man. If we kill them, it would be even harder for us to escape as the twins’ father will hunt us down,” Trickster attempted to rebuttal Zhang Manlin.

“You can’t think that way. I am on your side because I already revealed their identity. The twins will treat me as their enemy. You guys too. You guys locked them up for so long that even if you do let them go, their father will hunt you down and kill you,” Zhang Manlin continued to persuade Trickster.

One reason she hated the twins and wanted them to die was that she was afraid they would tell Qin Chu that she was the one that exposed the twins’ identities.

If Qin Chu knew about that, what would he think of her?

She might even be hunted down by Huo Mian. If that were the case, she thought, she basically had no other choice but to kill the twins, right?

Then, Zhang Manlin could assert that she was also a victim and that she wanted to save the twins too but failed.

She was also raped by Trickster so the police and Qin Chu would not suspect her.

Trickster slightly hesitated.

“The twins are still so young. I really don’t feel that great killing them.”

“How can you do anything big with such a pussy-like character? Don’t forget that you’re the kidnappers. You aren’t doing charity…” Zhang Manlin looked at this man with disappointment, thinking that he was a coward.

“I can’t make a decision about this. We’ll have to see what Boss thinks.”

“I have a plan so you just have to listen to me,” Zhang Manlin said. She wasn’t ready to give up persuading this man just yet.



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