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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (28)

“Ahem… nonsense! Where did you hear that from?” Jiang Xiaowei replied awkwardly.

“Don’t lie to me. I can tell from your eyes.”

“Son, how did you find out?” Wei Liao was also curious.

He and Xiaowei rarely talked about the case at home, and even if they did, it was never in front of their son. How did he find out?

“My good buddy phoned me and told me everything.”

“Your good buddy? Ugh… Gao Boyuan?” Wei Liao asked.

Wei Yunchu nodded…

Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei looked at each other.

“You don’t have to keep it a secret from me. I already know everything. I just want to know what’s going on now… are there any leads? Or progress?” Wei Yunchu asked calmly.

“Not yet,” Wei Liao replied.

Wei Yunchu lowered his head in disappointment, contemplating something.

“Son, don’t worry. Pudding and Little Bean will be fine.”

“Daddy, you should save these comforting words for Uncle Qin and Auntie Mian. I don’t need to be comforted… I know Pudding… she’s very clever. She’ll find a way to escape even if she was kidnapped.”

“Ugh…” Jiang Xiaowei was dumbfounded.

Her son was so young, and yet, so calm.

“Mommy, you and Daddy should go to sleep. Let me know immediately if you receive any news.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xiaowei nodded.

Wei Yunchu turned around slowly and went upstairs with heavy footsteps.

Gao Boyuan had called him half an hour earlier, informing him of the incident.

Although Wei Yunchu was worried, he was also very logical.

He was analyzing the situation and wasn’t panicking…

However, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t worried; he was just as worried as Gao Boyuan.

“Honey… our son seems to really like Pudding.”

“Ridiculous… how old is he? He doesn’t even understand what it means,” Wei Liao retorted.

“Don’t underestimate our son. He’s very clever. Also, the kids nowadays… are all little geniuses.”

“That’s true. The twins are the smartest kids I’ve ever met… it sucks that…” Wei Liao paused and sighed.

Knowing Qin Chu and Huo Mian for so long, they’ve all become good friends. Now that the twins were missing, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei were also very affected.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. The more we talk about it, the worse it gets. I can’t even comfort Mian anymore…” Jiang Xiaowei felt gutted.

– Evening, a farmhouse hostel in Tao Yuan Village –

Originally, He Yongjun wasn’t planning on staying in Tao Yuan Village, but somehow, their tire suddenly blew out when they passed the village.

He Yongjun had no other choice but to rest. After the car was fixed, it was already dark.

The mountain roads were already bumpy and difficult to maneuver, and after dark, it was even more dangerous.

After a quick bite, he brought the twins to a tiny room and locked them inside.

Unable to change his brutish ways, He Yongjun began to drink and wolf down meat outside the tiny room.

“Sis, come here.” Little Bean waved her hands secretively.

Pudding poked her head outside. Discovering that she wasn’t being watched, she walked over to Little Bean.

“Sis, you met up with Zhang Manlin in the washroom at lunch, right?”

“Yes.” Pudding nodded.

“Then why aren’t Daddy’s people here yet? Zhang Manlin, that evil woman, does she even want to help us?” Little Bean asked, feeling hopeless.


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