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(Walking Further and Further Down the Road to Demise (9)

“Hm… I don’t think it’d be a problem, but it’s better for you to give our director a call.”

“Okay,” Huo Mian called immediately, only to find Gao Ran’s phone was turned off. Without a second thought, she gave Zhu Lingling a dial and unfortunately received the news that Gao Ran was at the bureau and they weren’t together. If his phone was turned off, then it meant he was in a meeting.

“His phone is turned off… Probably because he’s in a meeting. What now?” With no other solution, Huo Mian felt extremely awkward,

“Mrs. Qin, how about this, we’ll take the offender for now. After all, someone did report the incident and there are witnesses. It’d be better if you come to the bureau and bail him later on,” the officer suggested.

“Okay, I will visit the bureau later.”

In the end, Wei Dong left with the police anyway.

At this time, Han Xu walked out of the restaurant. At the sight of Huo Mian, he walked over excitedly.

“Huo Mian, you’re here.”

“Uh-huh, what happened between Wei Dong and them?”

“Oh, you know, it’s a get-together, and they had a couple of drinks… bickering eventually leads to a beating…”

“So why did you say that it was related to me over the phone?” Huo Mian furrowed her brows and questioned.

“Wei Dong didn’t tell you?” Han Xu looked surprised.

“He wouldn’t say.”

“Oh, perhaps he was embarrassed, and maybe he was afraid that you’d overthink it.”

“What exactly happened?” Huo Mian was losing patience.

“Xiao Peng and the others got drunk and said some ill-mannered things about you. You know, Wei Dong has always been pretty protective of you, so they started fighting. Wei Dong struck pretty hard this time, he broke Xiao Peng’s nose bridge. The two guys that were helping Xiao Peng also got a couple of beatings from Wei Dong. But, it was Xiao Peng’s wife that insisted on calling the police on Wei Dong. That’s all.”

“What did they say?” Huo Mian asked directly, as Han Xu talked a lot, but really said nothing of importance.

“Uh… I’m too scared to say it, I don’t want you to be upset.”

“You can say it, I won’t be upset.”

“Wei Dong had filed for bankruptcy but managed to turn the tide around. Upon hearing that the starting capital was provided by you… they began to suspect…” Han Xu stopped and carefully observed Huo Mian.

“What are they suspecting?”

“They suspect that after you married rich… maybe… maybe you weren’t ‘happy’ because your husband isn’t good in that aspect… So…. you went to Wei Dong to solve that sort of problem, or else you wouldn’t have been so kind as to lend him so much money. After hearing that, Wei Dong got very angry. That’s all,” Han Xu watched Huo Mian carefully as he said slowly.

Upon hearing the explanation, Huo Mian finally understood, and couldn’t help feeling disgusted by the way they think.

“Huo Mian, you okay?” Han Xu asked, seeing Huo Mian had said nothing at all.

“I’m fine. This incident is rather simple in nature. I think, Wei Dong didn’t beat him hard enough. It’s just a broken nose? If I was present, I would beat him until he needs special care for the rest of his life.”

Han Xu said nothing, and Huo Mian continued, “Even if they are jealous, they shouldn’t be hurting others. No wonder they have been poor for their entire lives, they don’t even have the most basic kindness and respect for others. You can tell them that this came directly from me – don’t even think about scamming Wei Dong for a penny. Remember to tell them, we’re not paying them a penny. Also, they better not bump into me on the streets; I will not show them any politeness. Don’t even think about mentioning our relationship as classmates. I, Huo Mian, only have eyes for the good and the bad; I don’t give a shit about classmates.”

As Huo Mian finished speaking, she turned on her heel and left abruptly.

Huo Mian’s speech left Han Xu dumbstruck. In his mind, he always knew Huo Mian had her ways of dealing with things. But, he thought she would try to let things slide whenever she could, and never thought she could be so domineering.

It was surprising to him that this time, Huo Mian was furious.

– At the detention cell –

“Come with me.” Huo Mian looked at Wei Dong coldly as she opened the holding cell door.

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